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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Stan in GA

    Works as advertised, but make sure you take your ti...

    Quite a bit of work to get this prepared properly for installation, but it certainly smoothed the power out on my bike.

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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    Chad in SC

    Great addition for trail riding!

    I added the +15oz Steahly flywheel to my my 04 CRF450. I didn’t go with the larger one because it said it required modifications to the cover. As it turned out the +15 also required two simple mods. Had I known this I would have gone with the heaviest flywheel. That being said the additional flywheel weight is awesome. I rode it on some very sandy single track trails and it didn’t stall once. Chugged along nicely. If you are using it on a Honda buy a new gasket because the old is most likely going to shred when you remove the cover.

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  • Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Tom in NV

    must have for installing or removing flywheel weights

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  • Steahly Kickstand

    Steahly Kickstand

    Ray in CA

    It's OK for 2001 KX85

    It didn't fit the perfectly. I put a grinder to it to fit. Still the shock of kicking it up and down loosens up the stand after a days riding. Use some loctite, it helps.

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