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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Topher D in CA

    From motoX to woods in 10min!

    Installed on a ktm 125sx, great way to smooth out tge power band for a newer rider, also make a small 2 stroak in to a great woods bike! Easy install took a total of 10min!

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  • Steahly Kickstand

    Steahly Kickstand

    DAVE in OH

    Quality at a better price!

    Bought for GF's KX100. We ride woods and not having a kickstand gets old. Rode the plains in S.Dakota with NO trees to lean on, so finally got one. Its been on awhile now and holding up great, no complaints and much cheaper than most. If you need one, buy this. You won't be disappointed.

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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel

    Robert in CA

    Power where you need it most!!!

    When I first bought my crf450 I found it to be over powered. Power, I understand is a good thing, but usable power is a better thing. The steadily flywheel tamed the power monster that my crf450 used to be. Now I have traction and 0lenty of useable power throughout the rpm range through all 5 gears. It's a whole new animal and much more enjoyable to ride!

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  • Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Tom in NV

    must have for installing or removing flywheel weights

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