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  • Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Rich in IA

    A must have for any racer.

    Excellent product. If you plan on getting the most out of any mod,then you will want this product. Love the adjustability.

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  • Dynojet Power Vision CX

    Dynojet Power Vision CX

    lyle in UT

    Very limited to programs on this fuel controller

    The program that is offered on this really does nothing but you will lose 500 RPM with this as soon as you upload the program. Working with the company to fix the program is like playing cat and mouse. I would spend a little with extra and go with something else. Works good as a display and shows you what your motor is doing but that's about it and i believe to can buy that one just for that which is cheaper.

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  • Dynojet Jet Kit

    Dynojet Jet Kit

    Justin in ME

    great product

    bought this kit for my 2014 klx 250s, got this in combination with a fmf silencer, header and twin air filter. it helped wake the bike up a good amount. the instructions were easy enough to follow. getting to the carb on that particular bike was a pain in the but.

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