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  • EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    DENNY in CA

    Sintered or Not Sintered

    After 100 or so miles stopping power remains excellent. Have noticed the front pad friction noise (relaxed position, no brake application) to be omitting a light metallic sound when freewheeling on the stand where the OEM pads did not. Maybe just a by-product of the sintered metal?

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  • EBC Clutch Kit

    EBC Clutch Kit

    allen in CO

    good for the price

    had this clutch kit in for about a year now. its holding up strong. the springs are pretty stiff compared to the existing springs. nice kit for the price, will probably buy again for my other bikes.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Justin in CT


    Great value!

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  • EBC Supermoto Rotor Kit, Front

    EBC Supermoto Rotor Kit, Front

    Timothy in WI

    Please read

    Perfect fit looks great and did increase stopping power not by leaps and bounds but there is a marked difference. Will be going on an offroad trip soon I will update on performance after. This install will take a little more than basic knowledge to install correctly and safely. A good repair manual is a must for tork values and proper brake bleeding procedures. Also you should replace the brake pads at the same time. Remember the braking system is the single most important safety feature on a motorcycle. Due some research beforehand and buy with confidence.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    Philip in NC

    Great Product

    these things blow every other brake pad out of the water... i just recently replaced my front pad with these and couldnt be happier! great product!!

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Organic

    EBC Brake Pad - Organic

    SCOTT in TX

    As good as oem

    Works great

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