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  • Can-Am Overhead Switch Panel

    Can-Am Overhead Switch Panel

    Dave in ID

    Very sturdy panel

    Well made panel and comes with the wiring needed to supply power to the roof panel for the switches.

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  • Can-Am LinQ 12 Gallon Trunk Box

    Can-Am LinQ 12 Gallon Trunk Box

    Paul in ID

    Great product

    Really great product. Mounts easy with 2 quick connections. No dust on the inside after a ride

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  • Can-Am Shoulder Storage Bag

    Can-Am Shoulder Storage Bag

    Daniel in NV

    Easy Install, More Room Than Expected

    I don’t know why some say it’s hard to get the bolts in on the bottom. Took me 10 minutes to install and that’s because I have a wind screen on the rear that was in the way. Super easy install, nice looking and seems to be durable like every accessory I’ve bought from Can Am. It’s bigger than expected!

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  • Can-Am LinQ Tool Box

    Can-Am LinQ Tool Box

    Daniel in NV

    A Little Flimsy

    Reminds me of my sons first tool box. Cheap looking and flimsy. I’m returning it. Very disappointed with this box. It’s a $20 box with linq so it’s now “special”. At least $100 too much. Don’t buy it. Unless you like cheap looking flimsy tool boxes that can only hold 22 lbs.

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  • Can-Am Rear Wind Screen

    Can-Am Rear Wind Screen

    Frank in CA

    wind screen

    Installed in 5 minutes before I went on a four day trail ride in Utah with two friends, dust on the trails was very heavy at times but I never had any rolling in on me from the rear. Allows for visibility while helping with dust control. Quality is excellent and fit is very good. I have a Lonestar aluminum low profile roof and it fits perfect with the roof, no fitment issues. I am very happy with this product and would buy again without hesitation.

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  • Can-Am Pre-Runner Front Bumper

    Can-Am Pre-Runner Front Bumper

    Shane in UT

    Very durable and fits great. Gave it two stars on putting bumper on. Seems like a lot you have to take off to put it on. Other than that very pleased with the bumper.

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