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Latest Can-Am Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Can-Am XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil Change Kit

    Mike in MN

    Wish the actual work of changing the oil was as eas...

    easy and convenient.

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  • Can-Am OEM Drive Belt

    Michael in MS

    Cheap Insurance

    Purchased to carry as a spare in my UTV. Quality looks great and its a direct OEM replacement.

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  • Can-Am LinQ Pivoting Rack

    DAVID in CA

    Great spare tire rack

    I love this design. Easy to get to the trunk, wife can access it and it can take the whoops. I love the way you mount and hold down the spare with the 3 way strap. I used a cable from HF and put a lock on mine to keep the people who don't want to pay for a spare away and it also gives you peace of mind if the straps break. it isn't easy to install make sure you go to the Can Am instructions site and type in the part number so you can visualize the install.

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  • Can-Am Lower Door Panel Storage Bags

    DAVID in CA

    Awesome Bags

    These bags fit like a glove. Lots of storage and they kinda cushion your knee's when riding. Again you got to go online and have the OEM part number to look at the instructions but other than that pretty easy install.

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  • Can-Am X rc / X mr Front Bumper

    jack in OH

    Needs a little help

    The bumper is good no issue there . The aluminum bash plate is easy to bend on the upper corners . my bent first time out . I bent it back easy enough but in time will be a problem !

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  • Can-Am USB Power Outlet Kit

    mark in TX

    note machine differences

    5 stars for rocky mountain. this one i ordered didn't fit and rmatv was great helping with the return. will always shop here first. i have a maverick sport xmr. you must be very careful in assuming the similarities between the xmr and the 1000r sport version. i assumed the power port in the dash would be the same. the spades on the back of the one i received for the 100r were parallel to each other. like this - II. when i removed the one from my xmr one spade is clocked to about the 3 position. like this - I/. i didn't want to go through the headache of cutting the stock terminal and rewiring it, ESPECIALLY in the location it and i was in. i bought a 2 usb port adaprter instead.

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