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  • Can-Am Racing Side Mirrors

    Can-Am Racing Side Mirrors

    Cameron in AZ

    Good Looking.

    These mirrors look great on the can am but they really need to be convex a little more. They have a very narrow field of view. However, they work great for getting a quick view behind without turning your head and especially useful when backing up.

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  • Can-Am Sport Roof

    Can-Am Sport Roof

    Scott in AR

    Very good

    I received the product a day before it's projected delivery date

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  • Can-Am Full Wrap Aluminum Mounting Kit for Wind Deflectors

    Can-Am Full Wrap Aluminum Mounting Kit for Wind Deflectors

    michael in VA

    wind gaurds

    perfect fit great hand protection

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  • Can-Am Shoulder Storage Bag

    Can-Am Shoulder Storage Bag


    It's just ok.

    This item is made really well. I like the idea of it & it fits very snug in between the two seats. It's not as tall as I was hoping it would be. I was hoping to be able to put a spare CVT belt in it for safe storage but it doesn't come close to fitting in this. On the negative side , I was not able to utilize the two anchor Torx bolts to secure the bottom down due to the rigid construction and way this is made. The storage container tapers towards the front and the Torx bolts are inside down at the way bottom in the corners on either side. You will have a tougj time with the angle of your driver and even your ratchet if you insist these be screwed in. I found this very frustrating. On a good note I don't think the bag is going anywhere as it fits very snug and tight between the two seats. Overall, I cannot recommend this. It is on the small side and it is easily $50 overpriced in my book.

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  • Can-Am Oil Change Kit

    Can-Am Oil Change Kit

    Raymond in AZ

    Great stuff

    Great product , just need a couple flexible funnels and wallahhhhhh !

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  • Can-Am OEM Drive Belt

    Can-Am OEM Drive Belt

    Dale in AZ

    I was very happy to with the belt, and the ordering was easy, I ordered it on a Thursday and it was delivered on Saturday fast thank you very much

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