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Latest Continental Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Kyle in UT

    Front on R1200GSA - not quite robust enough for hea...

    I have used these on a 2017 R1200GSA as they are the stock tires, but also paired a new front with a Motoz Tractionator rear. The carcass on the TKC got a handful of punctures while I was in baja and just wasn't very robust. Stuck great on and off road, but the actual carcass durability seemed a bit lacking for really rough rocky riding and high speed gravel and rock roads. The Motoz Tractionator did 100% certified awesome - too bad so pricey. Looking for a more robust alternative to the TKC 80 front.

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  • Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    R. Evan in WA

    So, they don't last on pavement... Ride Dirt!

    I know there are many who tend to avoid recommending this tire as a waste of money because of the rapidity with this tire is consumed by powerful ADV drivetrains. So be it. I tend to ride on dirt quite a bit on my 1190 Adventure R, here in the frequently wet Pacific Northwest. All winter the dirt roads I like to explore after work often rise high enough to be covered in snow. I love how well this tire hooks up in wet roots, rocks, standing and running water, mud, snow...those conditions I encounter regularly. They don't last when ridden on the road, but in the interim, they rule.

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  • Continental TKC70 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Donald in OR

    Good tires

    Replaced a front that had a hole poked in it. I am happy with these tires on my KTM 390 Adventure.

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  • Continental Conti Motion Rear Motorcycle Tire

    James in TX

    Heck yeah brother!

    Love on my Bonnie. They aren't the best in the wet but amazing on the dry street. I'd get a set if you're not constantly in the rain and wanna burn off some chicken strips

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  • Continental TKC70 Rocks Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dmitriy in MI

    Great all around adventure bike tire

    I've ran all kinds of tires on my adv bikes and this might be my new favorite. I've mounted it on an F800GS and taken it through everything from deep sand to mud to snow to hardpack and lots of pavement. The versatility of it is what makes it such a great adv tire in my opinion - it tractors through the offroad stuff while still feeling almost like a street tire on pavement. The rear lasted me close to 5000 miles, with the wear being fairly even, with just a bit of feathering. While it's more knobbier brother (the 80) is a little better offroad, this one is significantly better onroad and lasts much longer.

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  • Continental ContiTrail Attack 3-Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Darius in CA

    Continental Gorgeous

    A few hundred miles and I like them a lot. Continental makes great tires. Not having to scrub them in is a big bonus as that they are well balanced from the factory and do not have the dot for mounting at the valve stem. Balanced tires are better right? Some makers don't balance nor bother to put a dot or mark where the lightest part of the tire is??? The way many of us ride and for what tires cost us in $$$$ and much less millage - far more changes than cars, bike tires should be 5 star process manufacturing. No short cuts. Bike tires matter much more. Have not tried them on forest roads yet which is about my limit with the 500 lb plus 2017.5 R1200GS. Hope I am pleasantly surprised when I do. ? ? ? No rainy rides and have not had them long enough to comment accurately on tread life and thus value too but they still look new after a few hundred miles of serious spirited runs through the twisty canyons.

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