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Latest Forma Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Forma Adventure Boots

    Alan in AK

    A worthy all-around boot

    Versatile boot that's comfortable out of the box. Buckle system adjusts and latches easily. Soles grip well on cleated pegs. The boots feel light and flexible on and off the bike, and I don't mind walking a distance in them before and after a ride. Probably not the maximum amount of protection available on the market, but a good combination of performance, features, build quality, comfort and appearance for the money.

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  • Forma Boulder Boots

    Brooks in PA

    Great boot for trail riding

    These boots were comfortable and fit great from the first time I put them on. Good traction on sole, high over calf with easy buckles, light weight and comfortable. Protection for foot and ankle is adequate for off road and trail riding, and these boots have saved my foot on a recent ride with a near fall. Very happy with the purchase.

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  • Forma Terra Evo Low Boots

    DAN in MT

    Like these alot for dual sport rides .

    Great boot for spring rides in the snow berms and wet trails. Very nice for short hikes off the bikes.

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  • Forma Adventure Low Boots

    David in OH

    Really nice boots

    I’ve been looking for a good versatile pair of boots for a while now. My calves are too big for most full Mx boots, these are a great compromise. Wore them to work to break them in and they were comfortable all day. Lots of high end features in a reasonably priced boot. Highly recommend.

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  • Forma Terra Evo Boots

    jeff in TN

    Great if you have large enough ankles for a secure ...

    Foot box is super protective. The side hinge looks impressive, but it doesn't give the lateral and flex protection I anticipated.Easy enough to walk in, with good traction. Thick socks make them warm enough for 4 or 5 hours in 20-30 degree temps. Waterproof (actual stream crossings, not just rain). 14K miles pavement, gravel and some trail, and they look like almost new. Perfect? Not quite. A 5 mph sudden drop on wet grass broke my right ankle. Maybe if your ankles are large enough. I've spent much of my life running and cycling, not so much lately but still solid calves for a mesomorph. On me, the lower two buckles are max tight and my ankle is not locked down. This permits too much motion and potential for twisting and hyperflexion, which I think is what happened to me. These are super comfy out of the box, and will soften up some with time. If your ankle feels kinda sloppy, that will only get more pronounced. Overall still 4 stars. If the fit is suitable for you these should be a great compromise between comfort and protection. If your ankle seems a bit unrestrained, it is, and I suggest you take exercise the return policy and try again.

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  • Forma Terra Boots

    Terry in AL

    Got these for dual sport riding

    The boots are comfortable but too tight in the calves. I have them adjusted out as far as they will go and they barely fit. I have not used them riding the motorcycle yet because I can't get them under the gearshifter on my motorcycle. The gearshifter is a bad design and too short for large boots even though I have extended the shifter. I will have to make some more adjustments to the shifter in order to use these size 13 boots. I just wish the calve area was larger, they would be great boots then.

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