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  • Forma Adventure Boots


    martin in NM

    wide boot, but sizes ran small. comfortable first i...

    comfortable out of the box with good freedom of movement. didn't get to keep them though, because my toes were hitting the front of a size 15 boot.

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  • Forma Adventure Low Boots


    Brian in TN

    Really like em...

    The exact ADV boot I needed for my lighter off road riding. Size 9, my normal size, a little snug but I expect break in room. Very warm. Not much ventilation I can detect. Will be good in cooler weather. Have not tested in water/wet conditions. Look great. Very walkable. Good velcro/straps/clips. Quick on/off. Feels like I'm 2 inches taller which actually helps at stop lights etc. I had to adjust the height of my gear shift lever to reach under comfortably; but that worked no problem. Really glad I don't have to wear the higher boat (as in the old MX days).

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  • Forma Terra Evo Low Boots


    Eric in CA

    Maximizing protection and comfort.

    These boots look and feel terrific! Worth the money for this quality. Fit is spot on, I got lucky there. I'm 10 1/2 to 11 totally average foot/calf. I almost always end up in size 11 which equates well to Euro 45 in this boot. They are a bit stiff but right away I am walking normally in them. I am very confident that these will protect my feet in a way that normal walking boots cannot. I have motocross boots for that kind of terrain but they are terrible for walking around in or wearing all day long and camping, these are nice for the protection they give. Where I live any kind of off-road route will have rocky terrain and these boots (especially if you put the included steel toe piece on) will protect from kicking a rock or root as well as any moto boot. I would say that walk the fine line between not having enough protection and having so much that they are only good when you are actually riding harsh terrain. In other words they give the most protection possible before starting to really sacrifice casual comfort. I'm stoked with these.

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  • Forma Terra Evo X Boots


    Shawn in MO

    About what I expected.

    A good boot for light purposes. Fairly comfortable. Velcro patch on boot side could be further back, barely catches on my skinny legs. Soles feel good on the pegs. Exterior toe box is slightly bulky compared to tech7s. I do like that they look fairly normal under a pair of jeans. I am happy with them, but tried several other pairs before these and kind of feel like I settled on them because it would take forever to try on all the ones I was interested in and ship them back on my dime. Apparel is one of those things that is very difficult for me to buy online. Good luck deciding!!

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  • Forma Boulder Boots


    Jeff in CA

    Very Happy With These Boots

    Comfortable and flexible ? getting comfier every time I ride.

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  • Forma Adventure HDry Boots


    Ryan in CA

    I've had a lot worse.

    When crouching down the plastic gear pad digs into the top of your foot. It does it some when walking not near as bad though. The souls fell like you are walking on cement they need a insert to make them comfortable.

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