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  • Forma Adventure Boots

    Forma Adventure Boots

    Jamie in WI


    Pretty tight up top, otherwise Nice, my calf’s are big, especially my left that has been thru some serious reconstruction, boots look almost silly big. For the price! Excellent.. Everyday walking around is not comfortable for me, but again..

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  • Forma Terra Boots

    Forma Terra Boots

    Terry in AL

    Got these for dual sport riding

    The boots are comfortable but too tight in the calves. I have them adjusted out as far as they will go and they barely fit. I have not used them riding the motorcycle yet because I can't get them under the gearshifter on my motorcycle. The gearshifter is a bad design and too short for large boots even though I have extended the shifter. I will have to make some more adjustments to the shifter in order to use these size 13 boots. I just wish the calve area was larger, they would be great boots then.

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  • Forma Boulder Boots

    Forma Boulder Boots

    JAMES in NC

    Good choice for Adventure or Dual Sport

    I'm a long time enduro rider who is adding a trials bike to the stable. I ordered the Forma Boulder boots to ride trials. I found them to be taller, heavier and more robust than most trials boots. Frankly, if they had a smooth sole, I think they'd make a great enduro boot. As is, they would make a great dual sport or adventure boot. The construction is as good/solid as my old Hi Point boots from 30 years ago. Ultimately, I sent them back as I felt they were too robust for a beginning trials rider. Garne seems to have the trials market around here but they cost about $80 more than the Forma. FWIW: I wear SIDI Crossfires for enduros.

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  • Forma Terra Evo Boots

    Forma Terra Evo Boots

    Michael in ME

    Glad I chose these

    I wear a 9.5, my feet are slightly on the wide side, and the 44 fits great with a little room using normal thickness socks. I think a 43 would have been acceptably snug but wouldn’t have left room for a thicker sock, 45 would have been too big. The quality is great and they are easy to get get on and off. They don’t fit under my straight cut pants incase that’s a factor for you, but the pants easily fit inside the boots. Shifting took some getting used to but is quickly becoming a non factor.

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  • Forma Adventure Low Boots

    Forma Adventure Low Boots

    Jordan in CO

    Nice boots

    Good boots I where them when I trail ride my bike we usually do a little hiking so there alot better than full on motocross boots. I wouldn't want to hike around all day in them but there pretty comfy. No problems hiking to check out some scenery. I have rode in some pretty wet nasty weather and haven't got my foot wet besides a couple times when it comes over the top of my boot with my pants tucked in. They offer more protection than normal work boots and are pretty comfortable. My biggest complaint would be the price.

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