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  • Forma Terra Evo Boots

    Forma Terra Evo Boots

    jeff in TN

    Great if you have large enough ankles for a secure ...

    Foot box is super protective. The side hinge looks impressive, but it doesn't give the lateral and flex protection I anticipated.Easy enough to walk in, with good traction. Thick socks make them warm enough for 4 or 5 hours in 20-30 degree temps. Waterproof (actual stream crossings, not just rain). 14K miles pavement, gravel and some trail, and they look like almost new. Perfect? Not quite. A 5 mph sudden drop on wet grass broke my right ankle. Maybe if your ankles are large enough. I've spent much of my life running and cycling, not so much lately but still solid calves for a mesomorph. On me, the lower two buckles are max tight and my ankle is not locked down. This permits too much motion and potential for twisting and hyperflexion, which I think is what happened to me. These are super comfy out of the box, and will soften up some with time. If your ankle feels kinda sloppy, that will only get more pronounced. Overall still 4 stars. If the fit is suitable for you these should be a great compromise between comfort and protection. If your ankle seems a bit unrestrained, it is, and I suggest you take exercise the return policy and try again.

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  • Forma Adventure Boots

    Forma Adventure Boots

    David in WY

    nice boot, but.

    I like the protection from these boots and fit is great. What I don't like is the lack of breathability. When riding in the Moab area in 80-90 degree temps they did not allow perspiration to escape. End of the day my socks were soaked to the point that I was able to ring water out of them.

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  • Forma Adventure Low Boots

    Forma Adventure Low Boots

    rob in WA

    great boots

    very comfortable boots have one year and over 5000 miles on them perfect for walking when not on the bike love them and would recommend them toany body

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  • Forma Boulder Boots

    Forma Boulder Boots

    ERIC in IN

    Great trials boots

    I’ve put about 20 hours on these boots and really like them. These are my first pair of trials boots so I have nothing to compare them to other than a pair of Gaerne SG 11 MX boots that I bought a few years ago. Sizing Standing against a wall with a ruler on the floor my foot measures 10 3/4”. I ordered a size 10 and they fit perfectly. I have wide feet and there is plenty of room. My Gaerne SG 11’s are also size 10 and the fit is similar. Durability I’ve worn these boots for probably 20 hours riding my trials bike and walking around in them. The sole has held up fantastically against my S3 Hard Rock foot pegs and I've had no issues with the buckles breaking or leather breaking down. Waterproofing I haven’t spent a lot of time in the water with these boots but I have stepped in the creek with water over my foot and my foot didn’t get wet. I haven’t put any waterproofing oil or anything on them. Comfort I was a bit concerned about walking in these because a review video said they had a very stiff sole. They don’t feel any different than a work boot to me when I’m walking. The “stiff sole” is actually a bonus on my trials bike since I’m standing all the time. I debated getting these or the Gaerne trials boot but read that the Gaerne sole was not quite as stiff and can cause discomfort in some people after a while. Compared to my MX boots these boots were broken in out of the box. Very flexible and comfortable. I’ve been wearing these in the heat of summer and have not noticed my feet being too hot or sweating more than usual. Protection Trials boots can’t compare to a MX boot for protection but they are significantly lighter and way more flexible. There is a plastic shin guard, shin padding and some sort of plastic guard above the heel on the back of the boot. There apparently is some sort of reinforcement in the toe and heal area but I can’t feel it walking around. The toe box is stiff like a steel toe boot. These boots are taller than some of the other trials boots which is also a plus to me because during a tight turn the boot will be rubbing the side of the bike and not my calf. I have never worn knee braces so I can’t say if these would work with them but there seems to be a lot of adjustability in the calf area. Value These boots had everything that I was looking for in a trials boot and were significantly cheaper than the other options. Short of them falling apart tomorrow I would buy them again.

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  • Forma Terra Boots

    Forma Terra Boots

    Terry in AL

    Got these for dual sport riding

    The boots are comfortable but too tight in the calves. I have them adjusted out as far as they will go and they barely fit. I have not used them riding the motorcycle yet because I can't get them under the gearshifter on my motorcycle. The gearshifter is a bad design and too short for large boots even though I have extended the shifter. I will have to make some more adjustments to the shifter in order to use these size 13 boots. I just wish the calve area was larger, they would be great boots then.

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