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  • Forma Adventure Boots

    Forma Adventure Boots

    Johnny in ID

    I Love these Boots

    These are the best Dual sport boots I have ever owned. Sturdy enough to stand during the ride and soft enough to walk out to the overlook.

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  • Forma Adventure Low Boots

    Forma Adventure Low Boots

    Jordan in CO

    Nice boots

    Good boots I where them when I trail ride my bike we usually do a little hiking so there alot better than full on motocross boots. I wouldn't want to hike around all day in them but there pretty comfy. No problems hiking to check out some scenery. I have rode in some pretty wet nasty weather and haven't got my foot wet besides a couple times when it comes over the top of my boot with my pants tucked in. They offer more protection than normal work boots and are pretty comfortable. My biggest complaint would be the price.

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  • Forma Terra Boots

    Forma Terra Boots

    Jaime in WA

    Forma USA is a truly stand up company - Terra EVOs ...

    I posted this review elsewhere, but wanted to share it here: I wanted to relay a truly rare and amazing experience with Forma USA. This is a company that steadfastly stands behind its products. I had a pair of the previous generation Evo adventure touring boots, with very few miles on them, almost none were off road. The area around the external ankle armor “pucks”, which have since been replaced with an external plastic hinged piece, began to collapse inward and pinched my ankle badly. The boots were extremely high quality, easily the nicest I had owned except for this one issue on one side. I appeared to me that a soft or thin batch of leather had worked its way into the manufacturing. I dealt with the issue long enough that the official warrantee period had passed (mostly because of a long non-riding season here in the inland northwest). I finally sent photos and a good description to Forma USA in a vain hope they might be willing to help. To my vast surprise Forma not only replaced the boots, but replaced them with the new Terra Evo model! They even sent the alternative color at my request! I got these Terras after a lot of research, and the Evo version is even better than the previous version after addressing what must have been a design issue with the ankle. The alternatives with equivalent features were all much more expensive (I’m looking at you AStars Toucans, and Sidi Adventure 2), or did not have the external armor or welt sole (TCX Drifter, and Astars Corazol). My previous ADV boots were TCX Track WPs. These ended up being much too narrow for my feet, and while they looked purposeful, were really not that much more protective than tall hiking boots. The little metatarsal protective disks over the ankle bones were a bit of a joke, and the upper and sole were quite soft. Nice for walking, bad for standing and protection. The Terras fit my medium-wide feet beautifully, and strike (I think) just the right balance between stormtrooper and sturdy. I do wish the pivot system was a bit more pivot-y. I am not sure if it just needs to be broken in, or lubed (weird) or loosened, or what. Otherwise, they are identical to the previous model, and I expect them to break in nicely. If you are cross-shopping, I highly recommend these boots, especially if you have normal American feet that are not European narrow, and value your anatomy below the knee. I recommend even more the company, Forma. They demonstrated something precious in this age of Alibaba knock offs, integrity. They will be the boot of choice for my wife and I as long as we ride.

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  • Forma Boulder Boots

    Forma Boulder Boots

    Christopher in UT

    These are a better choice than MX boots

    These are the right amount of boot for off dirt riding. I tried Tech 10s and they are way way too big and clunky, like wearing ski boots, no sensitivity for shifting or rear brake. With Tech 10s when you want to shift or brake you move your knee not your ankle because you foot is fused into one position. Also tried tech 7 enduros, almost as bad as the tech 10s, too stiff and clunky. Tech T boots are a little better but they are lower height boot and still pretty stiff. These Forma Boulder boots are just right. They are a full height boot with enough protection on the shin, toe and ankle but are still flexible enough to feel the shifter and rear brake. Your ankle is able to hinge like an ankle and shifting and braking are done with out moving your whole leg. If you want a full height, full protection dirt riding boot but like me hate stiff ski boots then these Forma Boulders are the ticket. Quality of materials and workmanship are good. The sole is grippy rubber not hard plastic. Made in Romania. True to size. Recommended product.

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