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  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    RYAN in PA

    Great boot for the money

    I raced a lot in years past and always wore the higher end stuff. Alpinestars, SG-12's etc. Getting back into riding I didn't want to drop 5 bills on boots. These boots are great for the money. Very comfortable from the start, no pinch points, good protection and they have held up very well so far (couple years). I tried another lower cost boot and it was not as good. Hats off to Gaerne for not compromising their brand by making junk just to hit a price point. They are not SG-12's (my personal fav) but they are very good for the money.

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  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    andrew in WA

    Great boots

    Ive done 1 ride on these boots and they are the most comfortable boots ive had. I wear a 11.5 shoe the 12's were to big 11's fit just right.

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  • Gaerne Youth SG-J Boots

    Gaerne Youth SG-J Boots

    Nick in MD

    Amazing boots

    This is my sons third pair of sg-j’s and only because he’s outgrown the other two pairs. Boots hold up amazing and look great as well

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  • Gaerne SG-10/GX-1 Boot Replacement Toe Cap Kit

    Gaerne SG-10/GX-1 Boot Replacement Toe Cap Kit


    gaerne replacement toe cap

    fit my boot perfectly,really just needed one,now I have a spare.I highly recommend it.

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  • Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    MAI in Riffa

    Good quality boots

    Very comfy and good quality, fit is a bit wider in the toe box compared to my previous boots (fox instinct).

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  • Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    BRAD in WY

    Total comfort for trail riding and hiking

    Trials boot that works great in mountain technical trails, has excellent feel for controls comparing to mx boots. Much lighter than mx boots, but not as much protection. Absolutely most comfortable boot I have had for trail riding. Works great for the trails but I would not use them for high speed riding or Hare scrambles. As I'm not racing they work excellent for me. Comfortable for all day riding.

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