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Few companies are as accomplished and qualified as Chris Leatt’s Leatt. It all started in the early 2000s when Leatt and his son witnessed a fatal accident at their local motocross track. A general practitioner and racer himself, Leatt used his expertise and insight to innovate the safety product that got his company on the radar in 2004 – a neck brace. Leatt has been around ever since, setting new standards of protection for the industry.

Today, Leatt is still revered for their neck braces, but has expanded their scope to include more riding gear like pants, jerseys, helmets, gloves, goggles, and more, along with accessories like gear bags and riding backpacks.

Safety is still a top priority for the company, too. In 2008, the company launched their revolutionary Leatt Lab, a state-of-the-art testing center complete with unprecedented prototyping equipment and an educated and dedicated R&D team. Every product that carries the Leatt name goes through that lab, ensuring that their safety gear and other riding gear is prepared for every situation on the track.

Leatt isn’t taking any chances, so neither should you. For industry-leading protection and top-of-the-line quality, shop our collection of Leatt riding gear and accessories.

Latest Leatt Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Leatt GPX 5.5 Enduro Pants

    Zachary in MI

    Good pants

    Good pants just a little tight in the thigh when wearing knee braces....

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  • Leatt Velocity 5.5 Goggle

    justin in RI

    Beware the falsely advertised lens color!

    bought the Red frame/Blue lens combo and the “blue” lens could not be any less blue. Maybe if you hold it up to the light just right you can see a hint of blue but it’s basically just a black/blue lens with zero mirror. It looks nothing like the picture shown on Rocky Mountains website. Part of the reason I chose this set of goggles was for the unique red/blue mirror combination shown in the picture. I don’t understand why they would mislead people like this!!! It’s a real shame because the overall build quality and comfort of the goggles seems great. Lastly my goggles did not come with the removable nose piece mentioned in the description, not a big deal for me since I probably wouldn’t use it anyway but people who do use them should take notice!

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  • Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle

    Camron in UT

    Great sand goggles.

    Picked up a pair of these on my way out riding and was blown away by them. I ride behind everyone and always end up with a face full of sand but these seal out everything really really well without being too hot and getting foggy. Also loved the tint!

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Richard in NY

    Leatt 5.5 HD Pro

    Superb protection. Probably hot in summer. Lacks venting. There are vents in he rigid plastic but not much in the underlying foam. The shoulder pad attachments are horrible the shoulder pads do not stay in place because the strap that adjusts each pad loosen immediately as soon as you raise your arms or move for that matter. There appears to be a lot of documentation on on this problem. If you don’t want the shoulder protection then the product is of good quality but way to expensive. Then just buy the 4.5 without shoulder pads. I want the rib protection of the 5.5 but am unhappy with the shoulder situation. I called leatt , they report they are unaware of this issue. I am currently in communication with RMATVMC to work out a return. This would be a fantastic upper body proctor if not for the shoulder pads poor attachment design

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  • Leatt 3DF 3.5 Kidney Belt

    Richard in NY

    Kidney belt

    While the effort to offer a belt with CE impact rating is great The fit for me was not there. The belt is To narrow in the front The Velcro closure doe not seem as if it will last Long. To be fair I am used to construction type back support belts so I may not be the ideal reviewer. I am not used to the narrowness of the front part of the belt and lack of compression I was able to achieve. The quality I would say is great. Fit for me not so much. I returned the item

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  • Leatt 2.0 GPX Trail WP Hydration System

    george in WA

    good but pricey

    I like this pack but the outer pocket is pretty small and storage area in the bladder area is hard to get to. The water tube end has to be pushed in to get water out, this is impossible to do in your helmet so I swapped it to my old camelbak end. Seems It is built to last, thick rubber body makes it waterproof.

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