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Few companies are as accomplished and qualified as Chris Leatt’s Leatt. It all started in the early 2000s when Leatt and his son witnessed a fatal accident at their local motocross track. A general practitioner and racer himself, Leatt used his expertise and insight to innovate the safety product that got his company on the radar in 2004 – a neck brace. Leatt has been around ever since, setting new standards of protection for the industry.

Today, Leatt is still revered for their neck braces, but has expanded their scope to include more riding gear like pants, jerseys, helmets, gloves, goggles, and more, along with accessories like gear bags and riding backpacks.

Safety is still a top priority for the company, too. In 2008, the company launched their revolutionary Leatt Lab, a state-of-the-art testing center complete with unprecedented prototyping equipment and an educated and dedicated R&D team. Every product that carries the Leatt name goes through that lab, ensuring that their safety gear and other riding gear is prepared for every situation on the track.

Leatt isn’t taking any chances, so neither should you. For industry-leading protection and top-of-the-line quality, shop our collection of Leatt riding gear and accessories.

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  • Leatt Neck Brace Replacement Wedge Pack DBX/GPX 5.5

    Anonymous in FL

    Made my used Leatt 5.5 neck brace like new

    I found a good deal on a used Leatt 5.5 neck brace, but was missing the wedges. These wedges gave me a comfortable, functional neck brace for a small percentage of the cost of a new Leatt 5.5

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    ERIK in CA

    Well made , your ribs will thank you .

    Very well made and trust that they would be a benefit in certain incidents . Had to readjust some straps that were assembled incorrectly but that wasn't a big deal . Of course they came out with a 6.5 version after I got these so maybe I will try those also .

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  • Leatt Knee Brace Sleeve

    Jason in CA

    Nice comfortable product the cuffs could be sized a...

    Nice product but these are sized a bit small girth wise. They are extra long intentionally as there is a grippy cuff at both ends intended to be rolled over the top and bottom of your brace. This is where the sizing becomes a problem. Unless you have an extremely thin not bulky knee brace you may have difficulty rolling these over the top and bottom of the brace. I'm a size large. Mine fit my body well but the cuffs will not stretch enough to roll over the outside of my braces so I just rolled the cuff up or doubled it over under the brace and they actually seem to do a good job of keeping the brace in place like this.

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  • Leatt 4.5 Roost Deflector

    Jim in NE

    Leatt 4.5

    Has rib protection I was looking for. No sign of damage or wear after 2 years of riding dual sport.

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  • Leatt 2.5 Kids Roost Deflector

    Jacey in PA


    Fits my 4 year old perfectly!! Great quality & style! We needed something with a hard shell to protect him! Adjusts so he will grow with him

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  • Leatt 3DF 3.5 Kidney Belt

    Charles in FL

    Excellent belt. !!

    This a real nice, heavy duty kidney belt. I have lower back problems, so I looked for the best, most supportive belt I could find. The back molded area is a large, wide thick rubber type material that really gives a great amount of support and does not sag or flex to my lower back and holds it very secure and comfortable. The main belt is nice and big and does not stretch, so it stays put and then the outer belts have elastic. After I strap this on, my back is very strong supported and I feel very secure and "firm". My back, never hurts after I ride now.

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