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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Motorcycle Tire

    daymen in GA

    I am Tractionator sold

    This was my first ride on the road to hit the dirt trails. Handles really well on and off-road. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure MK2 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Motoz Tractionator Adventure MK2 Front Motorcycle Tire

    daymen in GA

    Motoz is the way to go

    I was pretty satisfied with the way they handled the dirt and pavement. Not so good with the mud but they did get me through it.

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  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid Rear Tire

    Motoz Mountain Hybrid Rear Tire

    Kade in ID

    Great overall tire

    I generally ride everywhere from moab rock and sand to the muddy trials of upper idaho. so far this tire continuelly surprises my on all of my rides i have over 1000 miles on with a wr250f. I bought 2 thinking i would burn through them pretty fast but apparetnly not. The tration is great everwhere but especially on loose rocky, basically everything that usaully is hard to ride this tire beats all of the others I've tried.

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  • Motoz Tractionator RallZ

    Motoz Tractionator RallZ

    Craig in WA

    2000+ Miles all pavement so far

    Since purchasing a set of these Motoz Rallyz tires I’ve put 2000+ miles on them with little to no visible wearing. I was hoping to get some off-road miles on these while in the desert but this is all pavement. When they were first mounted I could definitely feel the difference from the TKC80’s that came stock on the bike. Their is some additional road noise but nothing that’s loud in my book. At highway speeds it will get drowned out and you won’t even hear it. While breaking hard at stops I once again felt that I was on an aggressive knobby, with that said I never felt that I didn’t have control of the bike. Traveling in twisty road I felt confident to open up the throttle and lean the bike into the turns, the grip is absolutely amazing, I was hitting speeds much faster than I did on stock tires. The few times I was able to get into some sand along the Snake River in Idaho, I would come to a complete stop and just launch it as hard as I could, these things didn’t spin, they locked into the dirt and I was moving. All and all I’d say Motoz is doing it right with their compound I am and will be a loyal customer to this brand. If I was going to do another long trip with mostly pavement I might swap out the rear for the Tractionator GPS but keep the Rallyz on the front. These tires are awesome!!!

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  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid Front Tire

    Motoz Mountain Hybrid Front Tire

    Alex in NY

    Very good tire for dual sport bikes good on the roa...

    I have had the mountain hybrid front on my 19 ktm 500 exc for about 400 miles so far. I have had it in just about all types of terrain, in the mud and sand it isn't very good but it is tolerable, I'd say it is better in sand than in mud though. Where I've noticed that it's good is on intermediate to hard packed dirt roads and trails that I ride alot, the tire sticks great on the corners even at high speeds, no wash out. I also ride some single track and this tire is great on the rocks, roots and tight trails. Also does good in what I would say kind of mossy pine neadly type trails to. And the other major thing for me is it is good on the road and is dot, it is not washy or shaking like I thought it would be I will be purchasing another one next time around. I ride about 40% road and 60% off I would say. I cant really speak for tread life yet but 400 miles and still looks new.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire

    Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire

    JR in TX

    Very Un-nerving on and off road

    With about 600 miles on the front. I have come to the conclusion that this tire is not for me. On road, any grooved road will make you think the front end is going to fall off. I've driven on enough roads to just ride with it. This tire however "enhances" the movement. On plain roads, the front just feels loose. Almost that I think I need to re-build the front head unit. I've tried different air pressure, but no difference. Off road, I just don't feel confident on going on the same terrain that I would have not thought twice before. I wanted a tire with a thick side wall, but not sure if 4 ply is to much. I will keep using it until I decide it is too much work to just ride. When you have to think of how you ride is when you are going to make mistakes. My previous front tire have been TKC80's and I never had to think about what the front was going to do. Maybe it still needs to break in? That's a weird term that I've seen. When will that happen?

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