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Latest Motoz Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T

    Tim in AZ

    Great Tires

    This is my second Desert H/T I have 3400 miles on first one and have 3600 on my second one and there will be a third one.That is on a KTM 990 Aventure hard Tucson rocky desert,

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  • Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T

    Gavin in TX

    Durable tire in rocky terrain

    Ran this tire for ~600 miles on a 4 day rally race over lots of rocky terrain. I ran 21 psi (to avoid flats) all 4 days and this tire held up better than I ever expected. No torn lugs just better than expected normal wear. I can't fairly speak to the "feel" of the tire since I ran such high pressure but I was very impressed. If you want a durable tire, this is the one.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T

    ALAN in CT

    very good choice for a front woods tire

    so far & many miles of off road /single-track ,laced with root ,rock,logs ,hard to loamy surface with hard base & some muddy sections ,the Motoz front 90/100 -21 performs admirably even in the hard terrain sections , nice longevity after over 1/2 my seasons rides ,no chunking on side knobs ,still has life to give (with safety ) .many brands fronts i go thru 2 fronts , i think with this tire or golden-tyre fatty front (either /or ) a complete season can be done with confidence .It is not a cheap tire , but since the longevity is excellent ,the value overall is too .I feel the goldentyre maybe have given me a little more traction with more knob flex . but IMO you cannot do wrong with Motoz .

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  • Motoz Uber Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    js in ID

    super heavy

    This tube is really heavy duty. It is over 1/8" thick. You can air down your tires without the worry of pinch flats. It is a little over kill for just road riding. It also is a little tough getting it on the tire.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire

    bart in VA

    Why are Motoz tires better then every other tire on...

    My KTM 690 Enduro has 6700 miles on the front tire and still looks almost new. Chewed through the rear at 5000+, but that is more a matter of my riding habits, no one likes being behind me. Replaced it with another Motoz Tractionator. (The original rear Perelli Scorpions lasted about 1500 and the Dunlap 606s I replaced those with only lasted 1000.) They are extremely heavy with ridiculously tough sidewalls, so are hard to change with hand tools. However this makes them almost impossible to pinch flat! The only quirk is they do follow rain grooves and steel bridge grates when new. Calms down once broken in and isn't major, but will catch new owners by surprise at first. Have now also added these to my 2020 African Twin.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Jacob in NC

    good to go

    Works great, perfect traction and seems to be wearing well after 1k miles.

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