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  • Motoz Tractionator GPS Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Motoz Tractionator GPS Rear Motorcycle Tire

    rylyn in HI

    should be oem for klr 650.

    Dude, it squeels on the pavement and still finds traction in the sand. kinda says it all. I have used every tire popular to my klr 650, and a few that are too pricey to be. The gps has been the best for me. people talk about the weight of it being bad, but a little more common sense than they have can tell there is double the tread. All tires lighten up over time lol. For anyone not pretending to be an mx star on their overweight adventure or dual sport bike this tire will be surprisingly good. For you klr riders that have to ride 50+ miles of highway to get to the dirt you will love the gps. It rolls like a street tire and tractors in dry sand. the rubber is like armor on rocks but for desert riders who love picking cactus out of their tubes motoz has a better option. I am ordering a second set of gps. it is the first time out of 7 other tires I have tried on klr I ordered seconds. the only thing I may change to is a more aggressive front tire.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T

    Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T

    LEWIS in CO

    Long lasting rear tire

    I down rated this tire because it lacks cornering traction on flat type corners. Otherwise, it is a great tire for desert, mountain/Jeep Road and mixed hard terrain. It also works well in soft terrain as the center knobs have a small paddle design that scoops the loose soil. I have this tire on the rear of a CR500 and I'm impressed with how long it has lasted. I have ridden this bike on most every type of western states ground from mud to hard pack and from lose soil to rocks. It's a tough tire I would recommend to a large bore rider.

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  • Motoz Xtreme Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire

    Motoz Xtreme Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire

    David in TX

    Great Tire

    I put this on my 500 EXC and have a little over 1500 miles on this tire. Works really well in all conditions. I'd say 80/20 dirt to slab. I decided to run Bibs and put tubeless valve stems in so I could add lube after long rides. I removed the tires to inspect the bibs and they were fine. Remounted and still going strong.

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  • Motoz Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire

    Motoz Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire

    troy in TN

    Not impressed

    I ride in east TN. mostly gnarly single track. Straight traction is good. the off camber traction is probably one of the worst I have ran. took it off after one ride. I ran this with a IRC heavy tube at 8lbs. on a KTM 350exc-f

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  • Motoz Arena Hybrid Tire

    Motoz Arena Hybrid Tire

    adam in NC

    Awesome tire with great life!

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  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Motorcycle Tire

    John in OR

    Great all around tire

    Last trip typical KTM 690 tire didn’t even last the whole trip, this tire performed as well or better, and I’ll bet I get two more trips out of it, so for the money this is going to be a better tire, if no other reason than I won’t have to change tires near as often. I also like the fact that there are larger ares of nobs or blocks leaving less area for whatever to puncture your tire, but enough spase between to get good traction off road, it is bit heavy ,but that’s the trade off for what you get

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