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Latest OX-Brake Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • OX-Brake Hydra Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    TIM in FL

    Great Product, installed on 2018 KTM 300

    Love it, installed on a 2018 KTM 300 XCW with a Lectron carb. I mention the carb because the instructions say to route the brake line down the left side of frame and then cross over to the right side BEHIND the throttle cable, but the best routing was to cross over well in front of the throttle cable and hold to the right side with a zip tie looped through the zip tie already there which holds the right side frame gaurds on. This keeps the brake line out of the way when I reach down to put the choke on on the Lectron ( the brake line is forward of my hand this way, and gives a little extra length to the line). This bra!e is WAY STRONGER than my old Ox Brake cable version I had on my old bike. You can actually lock the rear wheel up with this unit if you try to! Note: these units can get sand or grit in them and leak so make sure yo use the rubber boot supplied and zip tie it on top and bottom. They supply standard zip ties but I feel I get a better boot seal using the smaller zip ties. All in all a great product, thanks, Chuck (owner of Ox Brake) and Rocky Mountain!

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    TY in CO

    OX Brake

    Thought I would try to see if this would be a suitable alternative to a hydraulic LHRB. I have used a Hydraulic LHRB on another bike and unfortunately though I was not expecting the same performance I was hoping for at least some stopping power. I tried multiple adjustments etc but the amount of effort to try and apply any reliable breaking is no small "feet" I end up using the pedal to overcome the hand lever resistance. Works ok while stopped to hold the bike without to much effort on a hill or rolling down the bike ramp but that is about far that has been my experience. I need to play and see if I can get different hand /positions in terms of mounting may help...

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit With Multi-Function Bar Switch

    Keith in TX

    Great switch

    A must to have for installing left hand brake. Gives room and switch in mo is better than stock. Comes with led info lights and is plug and play to what modle bike you have

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