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Latest OX-Brake Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • OX-Brake Hydra Trail Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Greg in NV

    Left Hand Rear Brake is a safety item.

    In last weeks 2 hour Hare Scrambles I used the Left Hand Rear Brake about 10% of the time and the foot brake about 90% of the time. If you have to lift your brake foot, for a rock, tree, sidehill, I use the hand brake. The LHRB has saved me from a get off several times. Still on the bike, not removing it.

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Rated 3.00 out of five stars.★★★☆☆

    Jackson in CO

    It's Fine I Guess

    Three stars but I would recommend buying. Setup and installation was easy enough with one catch. You have to be extremely careful where you run the cable. The manual is very clear that you can't get the cable hot or it will fail. On my bike the cable can be ran one of two ways... either inside the frame till you get near the header and pop to the outside, or stay inside and run super close to the header. First attempt I chose to keep it away from heat as much as possible and ran it outside the frame above the master cylinder, of course that wore through in a few hours of riding and the cable snapped. This second time I bought a new cable and ran it inside the frame pretty dang close to the header and used their heat tape all over the place. Seems to be holding up better so far with no melting after 5 hours or so. As far as function goes, there is no lever "feel". Which is fine by me, but it's either 10% braking or 100% locked up.

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit With Multi-Function Bar Switch

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Keith in TX

    Great switch

    A must to have for installing left hand brake. Gives room and switch in mo is better than stock. Comes with led info lights and is plug and play to what modle bike you have

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