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OX-Brake Parts & Accessories

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit With Multi-Function Bar Switch

    OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit With Multi-Function Bar Switch

    Keith in TX

    Great switch

    A must to have for installing left hand brake. Gives room and switch in mo is better than stock. Comes with led info lights and is plug and play to what modle bike you have

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  • OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    OX-Brake Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Garret in BC

    Ox Brake vs Rekluse

    Bought both the OX brake and Rekluse. Rekluse is on my 2015 300XCW and the OX on 2013 250XCFW. Pros -Ox brake is much easier to install as you don't need to bleed -Price Cons -The performance absolutely stinks, its a two finger brake at best, tends to stay engaged when you fully actuate the brake and want to get back on the gas -Cable system is much easier to bang on rocks, wood bridges, and debris when riding single track. (The lever arm hangs down fully exposed to trail debris) Overall, go Rekluse. Just purchased a brand new 2018 250XCF and have purchased my third rear hand brake, its Rekluse. The Rekluse has better 1 finger feel for those gnarly situations and you can really modulate the slip. All rear hand brakes are weak when comparing to the lockup power from your foot however the goal isn't to lockup the wheel in technical terrain. Hope this helps as I am using the products.

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