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P3 Carbon

Latest P3 Carbon Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • P3 Carbon Pipe Guard

    Jeremy in KY

    A must have, light weight great protection

    Good fit but coverage could be a little better on my 19 tx300. Used it for 70 hours and problem free. It done it’s job well.

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  • P3 Carbon Head Pipe Heat Shield

    Joe in CA

    Good protection

    Looks sharp, protects the right areas, sits nicely off the pipe to allow easier cleaning.

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  • P3 Carbon Hybrid Skid Plate

    Charles in NY

    Can't go wrong with this carbon fiber skid plate

    Looks great. It does weigh more than stock but it's not heavy and provides excellent protection. Mounting could be better just for the sake of changing oil. It doesn't stay in place like the flimsy stock one does when no bolts are in.

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  • P3 Carbon MAXCoverage Head Pipe Heat Shield

    LAUREN in OK

    Spring for a few extra bucks to get full coverage

    I got this heat shield because the pipe on my new Husqvarna FE501s is SUPER HOT! I've grown used to 2-strokes and not having to worry so much if I touch the pipe. I can already feel the heat radiating from the pipe while riding and the last thing I want to do is drop the bike and end up with the pipe on my leg or melt a nice pair of ADV pants. So, enter this guard. I found 4 options around the web - this P3, an eline carbon fiber, an Acerbis rubber coated universal one or a couple of other aluminum universal options. This one was the most expensive, but it also provides wall-to-wall coverage. I have an e-line on my 2 stroke and it really didn't hold up very well. After a while, I had to send it off to have it repaired. This P3 is way more robust and I think it's worth the extra investment up front. Installation is easy if you take your time and get everything lined up so it's not in a bind. I added a photo of it on my bike as the image on this product listing is a generic one.

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  • P3 Carbon Skid Plate

    Jacob in IL


    Great product. I little tricky to finesse into place on the frame of my FE501 however I found that purchasing longer screws and SS ones was a big improvement. As the skid plate is used more and more and the screws are tightened it starts conforming to the frame better as the carbon fiber flexes. The bracket at the rear of the skid plate is a little tricky to install and take on and off so I just pivot the skid plate down to change the oil and the swing it back up. That way I am not spending the time to remove and reinstall this bracket. Works fine. The big advantage over aluminum is that it is not noisy and it is very slim and contours to the bike, Very discreet and performs well.

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  • P3 Carbon Grip Tape

    Skyler in AZ

    Look great, don’t last.

    These look great on my bike and really compliment the orange frame. However, these do not last long and will wear fast. I went through 2 sets in about half the season. Will most likely go back to the factory plastic guards.

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