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  • Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    Kris in UT

    Works great for my ATV

    If you're not building a race bike where every ounce of extra weight matters, these are a great choice. I've had this buried in mud, dug into by sharp rocks, everything. It's still good. The price is excellent!

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  • Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Todd in CA

    Can't go wrong with Supersprox

    I have always used Supersprox front and rear steel sprockets on my 250 and 450 dirt bikes. I ride mx tracks and trails 15 to 20 times per year and they seem to last at least two years.

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Robert in DE

    Does The Job - No Major Issues

    Replaced my chain and is a direct fit for a KLR650. I have used two of these: One on my bike, one on a buddy's. There are no major quality issues to report. This chain is as quiet and appears to be roughly as durable as the stock chain and therefore equivalent other than the obvious addition of the master link. O-rings for the master link and a small packet of grease are also provided. Since this is a master link equipped chain (despite the dire warnings in the KLR manual insisting to only use an "endless type" chain) it does not require removing the rear wheel and swingarm to install. If you don't care about your stock chain going back on you don't need a pin press and riveting tool to use this chain or get the old one off; just chop the old one in half with whatever you have handy and move on with life. Getting the master link ON it is a bit of a tussle, especially if you're not used to working with O-ring chains. The plate for my buddy's chain arrived slightly bent which prevented the pins from going through. I bent it back (which took some doing -- I have no idea how it got bent in the first place) and all was well. I was able to get the links together with minimal cussing by using a stout flat bladed screwdriver to tap the retaining clip on (closed end goes TOWARDS the direction of travel...) without damaging anything. I am confident I could do it trailside if I really had to. We have about 1500 miles each on both chains so far and there has been no noticeable wear or stretch. There is nothing else to report. Chains are a commodity wear item -- they either work and are not junk, or don't and they are. This one seems to be in the former category.

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    JADE in CA

    Nice chain

    Nice durable chain can’t beat the price I fit perfectly and it seems to be well built

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  • Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    Christopher in NC


    This fits right in and was quick to be shipped! Nice peice.

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  • T.M. Designworks Case Saver

    T.M. Designworks Case Saver

    Tim in AR

    Looks great

    Kind of a steep price for what looks like 3D printed or CNC'd plastic but it comes with nice hardware and installs super easy and looks better than the stock YZ250 cover. Does get in the way when you're doing carb work but that probably isn't unique to just this product.

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