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UTV GPS and Navigation


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UTV GPS and Navigation

If you don’t have a GPS unit for your UTV yet, it’s time to get one. Today’s GPS technology isn’t just more accurate than ever; it’s also more useful for a variety of contexts. And since UTVs are among the most versatile vehicles available, the right GPS system is a must-have add-on.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of packing along a GPS is that you can navigate trail systems. But not only will this help you keep on track with where you’re going, many units also record where you’ve been. This is perfect if you want to build a good route to follow again later or to share with friends. It’s easy to track each trip for ride reports. When you have a GPS unit along, you might even discover new adventures that you might otherwise discount or ignore.

If you’ve got the right setup and local laws permit it, your UTV might also be street legal. A GPS unit can steer you through town directly to a great place to eat or an interesting attraction. This is an excellent tool to have handy when you’re in unfamiliar territory and just want to bring your machine down off the trail for a quick bite to eat or another diversion.

A GPS is an excellent tool to have handy when you’re in unfamiliar territory and just want to bring your machine down off the trail for a quick bite to eat or another diversion if your UTV is street legal (as long as you’ve got the right setup and local laws permit it). We have many types of GPS systems, but we also have several different mounts as well. Some offer a quick-and-easy solution that allows you to remove your unit for other purposes. Others have a sleek, fully integrated installation process that will make it look like your GPS unit was built specifically for your side-by-side. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find the ideal mount here.

Take a moment to check out our selection of GPS systems and related accessories. Buy one today to get your UTV ready for your next excursion.

Latest GPS/Navigation Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Ram Mounts Universal Quick-Grip Phone Holder

    Neil in OH

    Fantastically safe. Can mount to handlebars well wi...

    A few zip ties mount this very well to the padded ProTaper handlebar of my DR200. No additional pieces needed, as long as you are cool with being a tad hacky. Absolutely wonderful for stability. The phone would be the last thing to fall off the bike.

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  • Polaris Ride Command 7" Display Mounting Kit

    Capt. Forrest in AZ


    Works great! Everything included and easy to follow instructions for the install

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  • Giant Loop Tracker Packer

    Alexandre in QC

    Very good product

    I don't want my Inreach to be in a pocket or hard to reach, so keeping it on my arm is the best solution.

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  • Can-Am Electronic Device Holder

    Travis in WA


    Easy install, looks as though it belongs there! Took me all of 10 minutes to install. Found it easier to pre start the screws into the dimples, then remove them, and putting them in after placing the holder in it's spot.

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  • Polaris Ride Command Audio Adapter

    Robert in WA


    Did not fit or help. I either sent it back at a loss or threw it out.

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  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS/Computer

    Dan in CA

    Good unit, but Maps is disappointing

    Good unit, but the Maps feature is really disappointing. Most people (like me) bought this unit over Garmin for the Maps feature. The sad story is their Rideleader website really, really sucks. This is the website where the maps are supposedly located. Most of the times, the website flat out isn't working, and if it is working the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. You can find other GPX maps out there, but you will spend hours searching the internet for them. You can create your own maps just fine, but that means the first time you go somewhere you are riding blind. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of having Maps in the first place! Ignoring Maps, the unit works very well and is fun to use. The unit is on my KTM so it's in the dirt 100%. Definitely recommend getting the aluminum case. I went down the first time out and smashed the cheap plastic mount that it comes with. The head unit was fine, albeit scratched and banged up. Installation was OK, but could be so much better if TT supplied an inline fuse and better connections to existing wheel speedo cables. TT needs to greatly improve their Rideleader website, and then this unit would be great (and meet my expectations as they advertised it).

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