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Adventure Motorcycle Boots

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Best ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycle Boots | 2021

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Motorcycle Adventure Boots

Adventure motorcycling is unique. It incorporates elements of touring, but it also includes off-road riding. Make sure that if you own an adventure bike, you have gear that’s up for the task. When you’re looking for boots, make sure that you get something that can handle the rigors of adventure motorcycling and offer incredible comfort for those long trips.

First and foremost, don’t neglect safety and protection. Regular footwear – even if it’s “heavy duty” – will not offer you the same protection as purpose-built riding boots. Adventure motorcycle boots offer the impact protection you’d expect for off-road riding along with abrasion resistance you need for the street. However, some boots also offer additional shin protection and ankle support.

Adventure riding frequently incorporates many activities that aren’t riding at all, including everything from short hikes to meandering around a campsite to pleasant visits at local diners. You need to be comfortable walking around in your motorcycle boots. That means that while you still need protection and support, you also need a certain amount of flex.

There are several other features that can be nice, like good enough tread to give you enough traction when handling your bike when you’re not riding it (such as if you need to pick it up). Depending on where your adventures go, you might also want to consider waterproof boots. Several adventure boots are specifically designed to keep water out in all circumstances (even if you’re standing in a stream) while still being breathable.

Of course, everyone’s adventures tend to be a little different, so we’ve assembled a good selection of boots to make sure that you can find something that best fits your needs. Some boots are so geared up for adventure bikes that they include the word adventure right in their name. But we’ve also got other options, like boots which are designed more with the touring aspect in mind, and we’ve got some shorter boots as well if you tend to avoid off-road riding and don’t need ankle support. We also have several trials boots which – although weren’t designed for adventure bikes per se – have been quite popular among some adventure motorcyclists.

We’ve got great prices and industry-leading brands. Check out our selection and pick up your next pair of adventure motorcycle boots today!

Latest Boots Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex Boots

    Dave in IN

    The best!!

    Best boots I have had for adventure riding. Also use Sidi's for the dirt bike races!

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  • Forma Terra Evo Low Boots

    martin in IA

    They fit!!!

    It’s winter so no ride time with them yet but this is the only pair of boots that I have ever tried on that we’re not too narrow and I am sure I can wear them all day long. The quality of the boots is excellent.

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  • Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot

    Michael in WA

    Great boots, but protection can be an issue

    Bought these boots a few years ago and they’ve held up well. They are also pretty waterproof, I have outside of the boot pants and that really helps. I’ve really been impressed with them until now. Unfortunately, my right foot went right into a root today and broke my pinky toe. Just be aware these don’t give complete protection vs a boot with a hard outer shell.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

    RON in NV

    Decent boot

    Decent boot for the money. Not a long lasting boot

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  • Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Andrew in UT

    Stick with what works

    I’ve had 3 sets of these boots over the last 12 years.. Before that it was sets of A-stars which I didn’t like. I’m a firm believer in sticking with what works and these work great. Out of the box they are very comfortable. Quality is superb. Not plasticy feeling like some boots. I’ve had three sets just because each time I’ve sold boots they were sold when a bike was sold...unnecessary I know.. otherwise I’d still have the original pair... my current pair are 6 years old on my 3rd pair of soles (ya left side shifter boot). Thinking my next pair would be sidis with the sole replacement system but why? $35 for gaerne soles and $40 to install them at the cobbler.. sticking with these

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  • O'Neal Racing Sierra Pro Boots

    Brady in NE

    Perfect score

    Very comfortable boot, water proof, and do not make you feel restricted compared to a motocross boot.

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