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Hard Cases from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Dual sport motorcycle hard cases.

Latest Dual Sport Hard Cases Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks

    Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks

    John in Missouri

    Excellent value for the price

    I've had these for a year now and would purchase them again. While the finish is a bit crude, they have held up very well and still function perfectly even after a few lay downs. The only warning I would give is that they will grab your ankle on whichever boot you put down when stopping or cornering until you get used to them.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    Bob in Pennsylvania

    Sweet pannier system

    Bought for my 2007 KLR because friends recommended. I'm totally happy with both the panniers and the rack system. First, don't believe dopes who say they're 'cheap' or 'thin' or claim the install process to be difficult. I will say you should get a friend to help - this will save a LOT of frustration when it comes time to mark the holes for drilling. Rocky Mtn's video is easy to follow...a 9 year old could assemble this based on it. The only recommendation I'd make would be to disclose the bolt/nut sizes just to save some time. Also, on the rear rack that goes under the tail light the top nuts barely fit in there - you need a needle-nose pliers to hold the nuts while you drive the bolt in. Also, in the video they make reference to another video showing how the lock/latches are assembled. I couldn't find it but, again, a 9 year old could do it. Very intuitive. Now, here's a tricky part. In attaching the brackets to the panniers, the video suggests drilling out the two corner bolts, tighten and then use the bracket as a guide to drill the other holes. This seems logical until you discover the 11/32" bit they recommend DOESN'T fit through the pre-drilled holes in the bracket. Also in the video it doesn't say how you now have to drill through the bracket slightly to bore it out to accept the 11/32 bit. Once you figure this out, however, it goes smoothly. On mine I had to use two washers on each of the three upper bolts in order to get the latch to work. But then they went on smooth as silk. Net, these are awesome boxes! Solid and well designed. Thanks Rocky Mtn for making these available!

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  • Yamaha Side Cases Kit

    Yamaha Side Cases Kit

    David in OR

    Excellent cases that are designed for the bike

    I purchased the Yamaha cases for my Tenere and I am very happy with the quality and the fit. After a lot of research, I decided to go with these cases because I like the minimal frame work left on the bike when they aren't on, and because I like the way that they look when they are on. I would have given them a rating of 5, but I brought it down to a 4 because the mounts are a bit difficult to put on. Like others have stated, the instructions aren't the best, but not horrible. Just take your time to look over all of the bolts and make sure you have the correct one. The most frustrating part for me was that one bolt that holds the mount and handle on is a Torx style security bolt. I did not realize this until I almost had the entire thing on. You will need a Torx security style bit (a TT50 to be exact) to tighten this bolt. You will also need a Torx security bit size TT10 to install the locks. It does not tell you that you need these in the instructions, so just get them in advance. I went to Lowes and they had both for about $8.00. Not a huge deal, just kinda a pain. Other than that, they are awesome, and of course Rocky Mountain got them to me in 2 days like they always, which is why I keep coming back.

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  • Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Shawn in TX

    Givi B47 Blade Monolock case

    excellent case. water proof, large, removable, lockable. Looks great on the KLR650

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  • SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo Topcase

    SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo Topcase

    VAN in IL

    Expensive but worth it

    The matching side cases came stock on my 2012 V Strom adventure. The top case is large enough to hold my size-large full face helmet and has a little room to spare. The case has been waterproof while riding in several downpours. It came with a dry bag but I haven't used it because it is slightly smaller than the topcase and would reduce its capacity. The topcase does not come with a lock but one can be purchased separately.

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  • SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo With Quick-Lock Sidecarrier Kit

    SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo With Quick-Lock Sidecarrier Kit

    Stephen in Pennsylvania

    Save money over the long haul

    I've had the TRAX EVO/ALU 45L boxes for well over 25,000 miles and I am very pleased with them. After going through many cloth bags I decided to pull the trigger on them. I do have the TRAX drybags in them and all of my gear stays dry with the combined boxes and internal bags. I've ridden in some torrential downpours and some water gets in (a small amount). The lock system is not bad but I did have to replace one of them about one year later (under warranty). I can fit a lot of gear in both side boxes (keeping weight heavier on the sidestand side for parking stability). The boxes have saved the bike a couple of times from accidental drops. They are a little scraped up but for the mileage I have with them, I've saved money over purchasing cloth bags every year. (I ride 12k per year all season). I highly recommend them if you are a long distance or every day commuter.

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