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4-Stroke Exhaust4-Stroke Exhaust

4-Stroke ATV Exhaust

Many aftermarket parts allow you to customize your quad, but nothing else has quite the same effect as a new ATV exhaust. The exhaust system helps control two vitally important aspects of any four wheeler: the noise level and the power output. By swapping out the silencer or even replacing the full exhaust system (including the mid-pipe or head-pipe), you can reach the sound and power you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for an ATV exhaust silencer, you can’t go wrong with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. On this page, you’ll find silencers and exhaust header pipes for 4-stroke quads. And since the exhaust system is so vital to a quad, you’ll find major names here like FMF, Lexx, Pro Circuit, Yoshimura, HMF and others.

For four wheelers, riding the trail is just as important as tearing up the track – if not much more so. That’s why the silencers we choose to carry include USFS-approved spark arrestors, allowing you to enjoy riding in the woods both safely and legally.

If your ATV needs a whole new exhaust or just a silencer, this is the best place to pick one up. Enter your quad’s make, model and year above to see what we have available to fit your machine.

Latest ATV 4-Stroke Exhaust Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    Michael in OH

    Fmf power bomb header ctf250rally

    Fit and finish perfect Oxegen plug line up perfect quick shipping I have q4 exhausts it quoted it down about 5 decibels on my phone meter. Little more bottem end took maybe 15 min to instaul

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  • FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized System With Titanium End Cap

    FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized System With Titanium End Cap

    DANIEL in CA


    Sounds great with or without sparky. Mounts perfect and lighter than stock.

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  • Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Ben in PA

    Great value

    Like most said, it looks like a good quality exhaust. Can’t beat the price. The slip on is really nice. The mid pipe is a little cheap looking. The joints should have clamps for a little more money. You have to use silicone on the joints. The clamp for the muffler is a little cheesy but it works. . I’m not a fan of the giant gap between the side pannel and the pipe. Overall it looks and sounds pretty good.

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  • FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized System With Carbon End Cap

    FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized System With Carbon End Cap

    john in OR

    Great mellow sound

    Figment was great. Wanted a quieter aftermarket silencer and with the quiet insert installed I am very happy with it.

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  • FMF Mini Power Core IV System

    FMF Mini Power Core IV System

    Eric N in TX


    When I first looked at the pipe I thought to myself there’s no way it was going to fit! Of course I was wrong! Pipe fits great, looks awesome as they always do and it opened up the power of the big bore kit on the bike! It’s my wife’s bike and I never really told her it was modified! When she rode it after I put the pipe on she immediately asked me what did you do to my bike it’s way faster? No more testimonies needed!!!

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  • Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Full System

    Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Full System

    Matthew in PA

    Great value in a full system

    Looks great, fits great, and the sound is insane. This thing barks now, sounds so mean. Havent been able to ride it yet to review the power gains but the sound is amazing and expecting good gains. one hang up is it had damage to the threads for the heat shield bolt hole. had to use a tap and clean up the threads to get the bot to start. Luckily i had the tools or otherwise would have been a little mad.

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