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john in California

Comments On Jun 01, 2014:the price is very high. I have had aplinestars my entire life, over 20 years of riding, and the quality has substantially decreased in both design and quality of components.
To say I am disappointed with the tech 8 light would be an understatement.
After the second ride, the right boot piece of plastic protector or whatever it is started to come apart, getting caught on shrouds, footpegs, engine case, whatever it got too close too. It then completely ripped off and has left stripped off allen bolts in the boot which I cannot remove. Terrible design alpinestars.
Second, the material that the boot inner flap that folds under is made of is subpar and disintegrates very shortly after initial breakdown leaving a piece of leather with multiple holes and loose flaps of material hanging. Terrible design alpinestars.
Thrid, the inner boot is beyond incomprehensible to anyone with the slightest bit of engineering knowledge. It is not a boot but instead two pieces of material glued together that is not even a complete bootie, but instead is a heel portion and a flat foot piece that has no top, no end piece, and once removed for cleaning, is literally impossible to reinstall correctly without becoming entangled and folding over on its self when attempting to reinsert down into the deeper parts of the boot.
For shame alpinestars, I will never buy your over priced boots again.

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Boots last for ever

Kory in Utah

Comments On Apr 20, 2014:I bought my first pair of Tech 8 boots in 2001. They are excellent boots and are comfortable Wright out of the box. don't listen to the guys that say they are to expensive or over rated. These boots are about as good as you can get for the money. I just bought my second pair but I have had my first pair for 13 yrs. I ride on an average of twice a month. I ride all kinds of terrain and I wouldn't have any thing else.

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Why would get get anything different?


Comments On Oct 27, 2013:Alpine Stars boots have always been worn by the pro's. They have always been top rated. If all of us amateurs are trying to be like the pro's, why wouldn't we get the same stuff that they do?! These boots look great, and feel great! These were the first pair of brand new boots I have ever owned. They feel super comfortable, and already have protected me several times. I wouldn't get anything BUT tech 8's again! Love them!

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Tech 8 is just OKAY

Aaron in California

Comments On Jun 05, 2013:They are quite expensive, as all Alpinestars boots. Well now, all boots are but these are especially expensive for what you get. I ride weekly, I put a lot of use in my boots. The Tech 8's don't take very long to break in, and that's the only good thing I have to say. The bootie doesn't fit everyone's foot, and personally, it's uncomfortable. I crashed about half a year ago, and when I went down, 2 of my buckles were torn off. It wasn't that bad of a crash, I wasn't injured, the bike was untouched. I was pretty mad about that. They are DECENT boots for a beginner.

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For this kind of money......Pass

Jason in TN

Comments On Jun 27, 2012:Nice boot but for this kind of dough....I would have passed. I have only had one other kind of boot which was the cheapest boot I could find however, it was a quater of the cost. I splurged buying the tech 8s hoping for the best, but I really don't think the quality is where it should be.
My biggest gripe with the boot is after two rides the "removeable" right boot starter protecter ripped off. Removeable is right. The front metal toe protection is lifted on one side. On the upside, the boot fits me pretty well (size 12). The very front of the boot over buckle 2 I believe doesn't have quite enough material to adequately cover the boot inner when fully buckled. I have a pretty skinny legs too. In summary:
Pros: Light, fit pretty well, looks great, I feel fancy Cons: Right inner kickstart protector ripped off boot after 2nd ride, not quite the quality I was expecting.
I would probably try a different boot upon next purchase....sadly.

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Boot is light

Daniel in AZ

Comments On Feb 18, 2012:This boot is very light compared to my old tech 8 boots. I like the buckle system on the new boots also. I am having a hard time breaking them in but after 4 motos and a few practice days and a power wash they are starting to come around.

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