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  • MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket

    MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket

    Cole in IN

    Overall good, but cheap bolts

    Very good product, I just wish that the hardware was a little bit more durable i broke 2 bolts with in 2 rides. It may have been my fault but after using 2 new bolts there have been no issues.

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  • MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    thor in NV

    STAY AWAY!!!

    These have to be the worse handlebars I have ever purchased. They lasted about 10 minutes. My nephew literally just tipped over the bike and they completely bent. I would hope motocross bars would be able to endure a little fall. Do not waste your money on these because if the are bent even if the receipt was 2 days old they do not refund your money.

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  • MSR Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    MSR Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Lars in AZ

    Simple but works

    I knew what I was getting when I bought this. For the price I did not expect much. Its light and folds down and keeps me legal. It shakes and hard to see when using it but who cares. If you want visibility you have to pay much more and get a non foldable to acheive that.

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  • MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    Michael in IN


    Tough lever still going strong through quite a few crashes. Great price. Looks good too

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  • MSR Clutch Lever

    MSR Clutch Lever

    Bruce in CA

    Great fit, function and price.

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  • MSR Safety Wire

    MSR Safety Wire

    german in CA

    Safety wite

    A must for your tool box and should carry a portion on your funny pack It can be used in many ways

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