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  • MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    Dan in WA

    Fixed the riser issue

    At 6’5”, standing on my klr was not pleasant, so I was looking to purchase a set a bar risers. In the meantime, I managed to tweak the stock bars when I....Actually, I don’t think how I tweaked the bar is important. The important point is, I now was looking to purchase risers and a new set of handlebars. My brother, who is 6’4” pointed out that he simply bought a set of ATV high bars for his KLR and was more than happy. With this in mind, I bought MSR’s “ATV high” bars and am very happy I did. I installed the Tusk D-flex handguards as well and went for a ride in Olympic National Forest yesterday. The difference was amazing; it was way more comfortable. I did manage to take one spill and the bars held up fine.

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  • MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    Stephen in CA

    Excellent Perch

    This perch is outstanding. Installed on my 2002 YZ250 and my brother's 2008 YZ250. Clutch pull feels a tad lighter, but is much smoother than anything else I have tried at this price point. The higher end brands might be even better, but for what this costs, it is well worth it. My only complaint is the lever it comes with. It is a long old school CR type lever. I simply swapped this out for MSR's shorter black lever. Even though the new lever does not have the ball bearing pivot, it still feels outstanding.

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  • MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket

    MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket

    Jon in IN

    Good deal on a budget bike

    Seems like good quality. Came with a better jam nut then pictured. Threads are decent.

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  • MSR Clutch Lever

    MSR Clutch Lever

    Bruce in CA

    Great fit, function and price.

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  • MSR Standard Lever Set

    MSR Standard Lever Set

    Philip in MI

    Way better than expected

    Nearly exact replicas of the original levers. Work great, look great. No idea on durability. Have not used 'em that much.

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  • MSR Brake Lever

    MSR Brake Lever

    Nathan in ON

    Great replacement

    Great replacement common type of part to replace good price and shipping was great the break lever is prefect fitment

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