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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Jody in PA


    I've waited for some time to purchase this carrier due to its price. Finally purchased but when i recieved it, I was disappointed right off the bat. The packaging looked like something my 12 year old put together. All the bolts had come out of their package and were all over in the larger box, which was 2 boxes taped together. Now when it came to putting it together, I had to sand down the tube that inserts into the jacking system, so I've lost all the powder coating to protect the steel. Tolerances were just way to tight and the powder coating made it hard to slide in. I was also disappointed that the carrier does not go all the way down to the ground. There are 2 strap hooks welded to the bottom of the carrier, leaving it 2.5" off the ground. I bought this to transport a Hayabusa, yet to see if I can even get it up on the carrier.

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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    Tony in SC

    Great carrier!

    I haul my bike behind my jeep with a step down receiver and it works great. minimal movement. A lot better than expected. I would buy another one of these! Great quality.

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