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  • GoldenTyre GT333 IntermediateTerrain Tire

    GoldenTyre GT333 IntermediateTerrain Tire

    cody in CA

    Favorite tyre hands down!

    This is my new favorite tire after running the GT323 for a couple years. Great all around tyre. Perfect for hare scrambles with a mix of terrain.

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  • GoldenTyre GT216AA Enduro Tire

    GoldenTyre GT216AA Enduro Tire

    Cameron in AZ

    Great tire!

    This tire is absolutely amazing on any terrain. From lose sand to hard pack/sharp rock this tire holds up amazing and maintains traction. I definitely recommend this tire!

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  • GoldenTyre GT216 Enduro Tire

    GoldenTyre GT216 Enduro Tire

    Lee in ID

    Great All Around Tire

    I ride a mixture of terrains ranging from rocky desert to sandy loam to the occasional mud. This tire handles it all extremely well. The GT216 responds extremely well to lower pressures, rewarding you with seemingly impossible levels of traction. Give Goldentyre a try. I recommend doing some research to determine which compound/pattern is best for your riding style.

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  • GoldenTyre GT232N Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    GoldenTyre GT232N Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    shane in TN


    Best tire I’ve ran to date!! Would not run another brand after riding this one!!!

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  • GoldenTyre GT723R Rally Raid Rear Tire

    GoldenTyre GT723R Rally Raid Rear Tire

    Christopher in CA

    Great road manners and hooks up in dry dirt/sand

    I was coming from a MotoZ Tractionator Desert Hard Terrain tire (140/18) on my Husky 701. The Goldentyre has very good road manners and works awesome in the southwestern desert/mountain type terrain. It’s was almost 2 lbs lighter than the MotoZ when I weighed both. And doesn’t sound like and angry bee hive while riding on the highway. But it’s also $50 more. But worth it in my opinion. No data on wear so far since I only did 150 loop so far on it.

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  • GoldenTyre GT233 Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    GoldenTyre GT233 Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Micheal in UT

    Nothing but traction.

    Bests tire I’ve used in Utah. Makes the hard pact dirt feel like Velcro.

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