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Latest IRC Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Benjamin in CO

    Picked up a giant nail, rode out.

    I picked up a huge nail and only noticed when the tire was completely flat. Pushed the bike out of singletrack and thrashed the nail around in the tire while doing so, then pumped up the tire and rode 10 miles to a gas station before losing air again so it did its job and saved my butt.

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  • IRC M5B EVO Soft Terrain Tire

    garret in OR

    Old School but Still Rocks It

    Old school tire but kills it in the nasty stuff. Definitely rolls around in the rocks and hard back but is well worth is in the nasty dirt. Tread life is pretty decent for such a knobby tire. Love it for the mud

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  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    Stephen in OH

    I like it

    Was the first ride this weekend on it. We rode 55 miles through big long rocky uphills and crossing creeks. Performed very well with a tubliss set up!

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  • IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    Josh in AZ

    Great tire for the price

    Great tire for AZ single track. We have some of the roughest terrain in the country! Get about 25 hours of ride life out of this tire. I have ridden the S version but it wear out way to fast

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  • IRC VE33S Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Bobby in VA

    Great tire

    I replaced a ibex with this tire and I was really not anticipating it to be better. But so far from one ride it defiantly is better in soft dirt and side hills seam way better. I’ve not got to try it on a lot of rocks yet but what little I have it doesn’t seem to be giving up anything major.

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  • IRC IX-09 Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Thomas in VT

    great hard enduro tire!

    Would definitely recommend for hard enduro type riding. It's an ultra gummy tire but the tread life is surprisingly good - even with some abuse on roads. traction was unbelievable with nitromousse soft mousse. Would not recommend for standard/trail riding as they will wear quickly.

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