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Latest IRC Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    Joe in MT

    crf250 tires

    I’ve been running theses for years. Great tires and grip.

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  • IRC TR-11 Trials Tire (Tube Type)

    TIM in TN

    excellent for its intended purpose.

    Awesome Tire for vintage completion, better for me in the mud than the Michelin. Best value for the $. If you run these on a dual sport (don’t) they can be very squirmy on hard pack and intimidating on pavement, just keep the speed down.

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  • IRC M5B EVO Soft Terrain Tire

    Todd in NC

    Best all around tire

    Run these all the time wet or dry east coast hare scrambles yz 125.cheaters

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  • IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Todd in CA

    Don’t be cheap – get heavy duty

    I always get a heavy duty tube as back up if you’re going to replace one. These heavy duty tubes resist pinching especially out here in the southwest we have lots of rocks. In the east you have roots which are just as bad for pinching tubes. Go big or heavy duty!

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  • IRC VE33S Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Joshua in CA

    My Perfect Tire

    Superb tire for dry, rocky, lose and gnarly and technical conditions. I've been loving this on my TE300i. Hooks up everywhere! It's ridiculous. Recently tried another brand's gummy tire and realized how great this 33S is. I thought I was becoming a better rider, but NOPE. It's the Gekota VE33S. Grabs on to anything and pulls. Stop what you are doing and get this tire for your technical and gnarly riding. It's super soft, so it will wear pretty quickly and the knobs do chunk out, but who cares?! I'd trade anything for this type of traction and control. SUPERB

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  • IRC IX-09 Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Benjamin in WA

    Best tire for wet, slippery roots and rocks.

    I’ve been running the shinko cheater tires prior to this. I bought this on the recommendation of a friend for a winter tire in the PNW. This tire is amazing. I consistently get better traction than the shinko while running higher air pressure. The carcass is thin but I’ve only had one flat in 7 rides with the tubliss. It wears fast but, will last a season if you’re careful and run it down to nearly bald. I’ll gladly buy two per winter season for all the added traction you get. Running it on a KTM 300XC.

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