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Latest IRC Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    Adam in Pennsylvania

    Best woods tire

    By far the best tire for east coast woods riding! Phenomenal in mud, roots, wet soil to hard pack!

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  • IRC M5B EVO Soft Terrain Tire

    James in IN

    IRC M5B XC Racing

    Best tire I’ve had on the rear of this bike. Hooks up great. Good in XC Midwest locations racing. Pulls hard out of mud great traction up steep hills. Grabs hard in rocks. All around great tire. Gave it 4 stars for tread life. Only 2 races on it so far. So not sure

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  • IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Thomas in MN

    fresh inner tube

    Appears to be a good stout tube. As a kid I learned to check a new rubber tube to see if it was "old" by how much memory existed in the folds and creases before inflating. Life is life and someitmes an item sits in inventory or transport a LONG time. This one looked like it was made last week. Thanks Rocky Mountain.

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  • IRC IX-09 Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Matt in TN

    Crazy traction and great wear

    Of all the tires I’ve used, these are at a different level. I ride single-track in TN and there are lots of rocks, roots, and when things are wet, it can get sketchy. I put the IRC gummy front and rear and running tubliss. Ran the rear at 5 PSI and the grip going up, down and off camber was predictable and confidence inspiring. Going over logs was so much easier knowing that a blip of the throttle would lift the front rather than spinning the rear. Don’t skip the front Gummy.

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  • IRC VE33S Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Joel in MA

    Superb Enduro Tire

    If there were ever a tire that would work like velcro to the ground this would be it. Definitely the best rear off road tire I've ever used. Great wear. Great traction in variable surfaces. There is nothing to not like. When I need to replace this tire, I will get the exact same to replace it. It's that good.

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  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    Wyatt in CO

    Good some a couple conditions...

    The IRC VE-35 is a very specific usage front tire. I put this tire on to replace heavily worn down AT81F for single track and hard enduro style trails in the mountains of Colorado. On Trail: This tire works very well in mud, deep mud, deep loamy dirt, and on wet rocks and roots. It struggles when it comes to anything in the dry, especially hard packed dirt, sand, or gravel. And as long as speeds are relatively slow. The Scary Part: This tire does NOT like speed, anything above 30-35 it gets very sketchy. The extremely tall lugs start to give the bike a nice shake that above 40 turns into a pretty aggressive tank slapper. Something I have yet to experience with any other front tire. And not great if you have a plated bike and ride a few miles to the trails. The Sketchy Part: I dismounted this tire at 13 hours to relube the Nitro Mousse it was mounted on. I found that without the mouse I could mount the tire on the wheel without any tools only my hands. So either the tire had stretched or the bead had broken after being installed. Mounting it originally was fairly easy but still required tire levers to get on the wheel, but less effort than any other tire I had used before. Not sure I my was a manufacturing defect or If something happen while mounting or riding. It got removed at the 13 hour mark and replaced by a AT81F instead.

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