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Latest IRC Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Justin in PA

    Perfect Value

    Great balance between performance and price for a HD tube. I can't bring myself to spend lots on a freaking tube from the major tire companies, when I can get 2 of these for the same price. Rubber thickness is rubber thickness IMO, expensive tubes puncture just about the same as cheaper ones. Pack with these with a little baby powder to prevent pinch flats, and so far so good.

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  • IRC M5B EVO Soft Terrain Tire

    IRC M5B EVO Soft Terrain Tire

    Kristin in NJ

    Excellent all around tire

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  • IRC VE33S Gekkota Gummy Tire

    IRC VE33S Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Kevin in CA

    Awesome tire, great value,great hook up!

    Used about 900 miles of nasty, rocky,roots,mud,singletrack in Colorado, 90% dirt, some paved sections. Held up way better than I thought. Good gummy compound, barely noticed any wear the first few rides. Used with Tubliss 6-8 psi. My friends used tubes, but they lost some center nobs. Cant explain that one. Will buy again. Still had plenty of tread when I took it off after 38.2 hours. Just started to have nobs crack as shown in pics.

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  • IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    Brian in CA

    tire is good in soft dirt , hard dirt and a little sandy dirt. I like riding with this tire

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  • IRC IX-09 Gekkota Gummy Tire

    IRC IX-09 Gekkota Gummy Tire

    Beau in AZ

    Finally, a super soft gummy at affordable price

    Phenonaml rubber compound. Entire tire carcass flexxes over obstacles and super tacky traction. Knobs last surprisingly long for how extremely flexible they are. Never chunked. Use this with ultra soft mousse and you will be unstoppable. Have been using this in Phoenix boulders, sand hard pack Terrain and Colorado gorilla snot Mudd, slippery roots and slick water crossings

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  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    Seth in SD

    Great tire, right price

    Lasted lomger than expected on XR400 running hard on gravel to sharp rock singletrack, dang good tire

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