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Latest Michelin Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Michelin Enduro Medium Terrain Tire

    Jonathan in NY


    Didnt realize that this has the FIM stamp which apparantly means max tred height of .625" or something like that. did not like the feel with a Nirto mouse in it, went right back to the M59

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  • Michelin Road 5 Front Motorcycle Tire

    G.B. in AL


    Comparing the Michelin R5s to the Michelin PR4s (my all time favorites) > Traction was about equal wet and dry, but the R5s squirmed a bit at max lean. My primary complaint is the lifespan. I've gotten as little as 8,800 miles but as many as 12,200 miles on the PR4s, so it was more than a little disappointing to see the left sides of these tires worn out at 5,500, while the right sides still looked good. This is on a rather heavy 579 lb. Yamaha FJR1300, but the local sport bike group considers the R5 a big mistake too. It really makes me wonder why the R5s cost less than the PR4s, too.

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  • Michelin Pilot Street Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Keith in FL

    Great tire and price.

    Great tire. Perfect tread pattern for the road. Still going strong at 45k miles.

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  • Michelin StarCross 5 Soft Terrain Tire

    Francis in PA

    My new favorite, better than M59?

    I think the Starcross 5 soft front tire is my new favorite. Been running M59 for years, this may be my new ‘go-to’. Running the M15 mousse in the 80/100 tire. It’s good for for wet technical, rocky riding on the East coast, 3rd gear or less on a 19’ 300 XC. If you’re going faster/racing, go with the M16 mousse for better holdup at speed. Not sure how well this tire wears yet. Always losing side knobs on the M59 after 12-15 hours. Will follow up with my experience.

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  • Michelin Starcross MS3 Soft/Mixed Terrain Tire

    Antonio in CA

    Great tire

    Great tire for the price. Plenty of traction in soft sand. Has lasted me over 20 hours so far and it’s holding up well.

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  • Michelin Anakee Wild Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Jeff in WA

    Short Life But Good Traction. No Flats!

    Used on 10 day adventure trip. August 2020. 70% dirt roads. 2020 R1250GS with 100 pounds of racks, panniers, luggage, etc. I weigh 170. The rear had great traction but only lasted 2,000 miles and is now toast. The front is probably good for 2000 more miles. I ran 25 psi rear on dirt and 36 pounds on the road. Sometimes ran 25 psi on the road on transfer sections of 25 miles or less. This did not help wear. I did not spin the tire much on the dirt but did ride hard on the street. The front tire is loud at times depending on wind direction, windshield position, air pressure and ear plugs. The rear tire feels strange on the pavement when pushed hard. Feels like it's going to slide out but just moves a couple of inches. All knobbies may do the same. Will not buy again due to short life. Will try Motoz next.

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