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Knee Braces

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Knee Braces from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Knee Braces provide knee support and protection during those long races or trail rides.

Latest Knee Braces Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Brace Right

    Ocean in CA

    10/10 Great Product worth every penny

    Great product. Coming off a dislocated and broken knee I was little hesitant to get back into it with my knee still feeling weaker than it used to be. This thing gives you the support and confidence to get back out there and feel safe while doing it. Carbon looks great and is very strong and sturdy. My friends think I have a bionic legs when I where them. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with knee injuries or anyone trying to prevent one.

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  • Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Rob in NM

    Great intro to real knee braces

    These are my first pair of real knee braces. I've use knee guards before, but as i get older and old knees injuries start creeping up, I decided to make the purchase. I'm sure glad i did. I don't have any experience with other knee braces, but i know quite a few others that do. These seem to be mostly in line of other more expensive knee braces. I find them very comfortable, which i attribute to paying attention to sizing guide. They are quieter than my previous knee guards, and feel like they breath a little better as well. They seem to help me squeeze the bike better. I've only used them with the provided leg sleeves, and have not had them move any real amount. Overall, I am very happy with these, and would highly recommend them to anyone that rides.

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  • Leatt Z-Frame Knee Braces

    Ray in LA

    Worth the money for entry level

    Fit is great of you USE the sizing chart. Feel is solid for an entry level brace (I have Don Joy braces for CrossFit). These are worth the money if you can't shell out $1000. Spent the afternoon riding single track and never noticed them.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace Right

    Timothy in CA

    I forgot they were on.

    I am a new dirt rider, almost 50 and I have some MCL/Meniscus damage in one knee. Nothing requiring surgery yet, and I'd like to keep it that way as long as I can. I was amazed at how fast I forgot I was wearing the braces. Some time my knee sort of speaks to me when I'm pushing it and it's all quiet while these are on. I consider myself a big guy at 6'-2" and 225lbs. I was surprised I wore a medium. Make sure you spend some time fitting the straps and use the socks provided.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic 10 Carbon Knee Brace Right

    Adamo in CA

    Tough call...

    I wanted to LOVE this brace. I have worn it a few times now, totaling 4-5 hours, plus a few hours walking around with it on. The brace seems strong. But protection? If I kneel down, i can feel the hard part pressing against my bone, just below my kneecap. If I take a hard fall to my knees, I'm positive this will split my skin right there at the very least. Worries me. I will put some sort of pad there, hope that will help. Also, found out yesterday, this brace will NOT work with the Bionic shorts. Which blows my mind. Two items in the same Bionic line up dont work together. The hard pad on the shorts doesn't fit against the brace, instead it pushes the brace down and the shorts pad up, digging into my hip. Now, it's too late to return either. I've emailed Astars, hoping for a solution. I'm thinking another pair of padded shorts would work better, but they should NOT have made the hard plastic so long, no way it would fit between your hip and the brace.

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  • Pod MX K8 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Brandon in WA

    Amazing fit and quality

    These knee braces are just plain awesome. Once you fit them up and know how to put them on you'll forget they are there. You'll also prefer them if you use your legs to grip the bike like recommended.

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