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Fender Packs from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Take your gear on the ride with industry leading fender packs at great prices.

Latest Dirt Bike Fender Packs Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Fender Tube Pack with Tire Irons

    Tusk Fender Tube Pack with Tire Irons

    Terrance in KY

    Good bag, but not for front fender

    I used the irons to swap my tires to the K60 scouts. They worked quite well. The surface of the irons is roughwhich scratched my wheels a little. The bag is solid construction and holds a front and rear tube, would be nice if it had a little more room for a small pump too. I tried to put this on the front fender of my Gen2 KLR but it either hit the headlight fairing or looked like it would slide off. Iended up putting it on the luggage rack. Works great there

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  • Acerbis Front Fender Tool Pack

    Acerbis Front Fender Tool Pack

    Lionel in ON


    Does the job well. I keep my wrenches and tire irons inside with other tools. Keeps the weight off my back. Good price too.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag

    Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag

    PAUL in NC

    was able to fit all my tools in it and have extra room. the mounting was easy. holding up the wear & tear nicely.

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  • KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    Doug in WA

    Modify it to work better

    As everyone notes, out of the box it's going to fail for single track riding. I have done several fender mounting systems. What works best is 1) Get hook and loop tape (velcro) from somewhere and stick the fuzzy part on your fender and the hook part on the bag. This keeps it from sliding around on your fender. 2) Secure the hook part onto the bag better. That means stitch it on, or in my case staple gun, then pound the staples over on the inside (we're talking a patch of velcro 3"x8 or 9") 3) Straps, preferably with metal buckles that wrap all the way around your fender and cinch the bag tight. Minimum of two straps. 4) Everything packed tightly inside. This thing will act like a rock polisher and toss everything around in there. I have tools in ziplocks, then rolled tight and wrapped with blue painters tape and then labeled with a sharpie what is inside the bag. Sockets, wrenches, chain tools, JB Weld, tire patch etc. each in a tight wrapped package. 5) Foam layer on the bottom, possibly also inside between layers to keep stuff from rubbing itself raw. Also, tool wraps that roll up can be used. Bottom line, that bag is going to be constantly, relentlessly tossed about on your rear fender, everything needs to be buttoned down tight or it will work itself loose and rub holes in it.

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  • Tusk Fender Pack

    Tusk Fender Pack

    Clay in ID

    Tusk Fender Pack

    What more can I say, it is a tool bag that mounts on the fender. The quality is great, and it holds tools. Price was great too.

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  • Moose Racing Small Rear Fender Pack

    Moose Racing Small Rear Fender Pack

    James in WA

    A little smaller then I thought it would be but a nice bag.. and easy to install.

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