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  • KTM Mechanic Gloves

    KTM Mechanic Gloves

    GORDY in UT

    Excellent grip

    I debated getting these but wanted gloves that I could use for small bolts, etc. without having to take them off. My old motocross gloves are too slippery and I thought that these might have a grippy material and snug fit. Well, they do. Love them for changing tires, oil changes, etc. I can pretty much do anything with them down to small bolts.

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  • KTM Mechanic Apron

    KTM Mechanic Apron


    Save Your Shirt!

    Makes you feel like a pro service mechanic!! Good quality material.

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  • KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs with Clips

    KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs with Clips

    Eric in MI

    Hold tight

    Great straps! Looks great holding my KTM 200 in the back of my truck. Easy to use soft loop and nice wide webbing holds strong!

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  • KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs

    KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs

    Will in AL

    Great tie downs

    Borrowed a set of these from a buddy of mine which convinced me to buy my own and they are working out really great.

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  • KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    Michael in PA

    Loose but Nice

    Fits a little loose in the hitch but looks good and serves its purpose

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  • KTM Doormat

    KTM Doormat

    Matt in CA


    great product...everyone comments on it when they come into my trailer on camping trips. Highly reccommend

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