Rekluse Dirt Bike Accessories: Engine

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  • Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    Troy in UT

    YZ 450F

    This is a great product and makes riding so much more fun. Almost everybody i ride with runs one and we have never had any major problems out on the trail. Also if you have any questions the customer support from rekluse is excellent.

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  • Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Robert in TN

    Like Cheating

    I race Eastern XC and always had trouble keeping up because all the serious racers ran these so I finally pulled the trigger and spent the money. No regrets at all now I don't get tired and the quad hardly ever stalls in a race now. My starts are better too because it stars better in gear. Just be careful when you get off your quad to push from the front while it is running be sure to turn it off or put in neutral. I did that with it in gear and hit the throttle and the quad ran me over climbed up a tree and flipped back down on me.

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  • Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch Replacement Drive Plate Set

    Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch Replacement Drive Plate Set

    KELLY in BC

    Recluse plates

    My rekluse is 8 years old and it started slipping I bought these plates and it works as good as new

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  • Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Dayne in WY

    Spider sense!

    This clutch rocks! I have ran the rekluse for a year now and love it. It has aided my riding tremendously and the quality of the components with the KTM O.E.M. friction and glide plates is a very durable long lasting design. I have regularly check clutch wear over the last year and are still with in spec., with no fade. Just and F.Y.I. when you install the new clutch cover keep in mind you will need to add more gear oil to accommodate the larger volume. I went from 700cc to 800cc to meet the O.E.M. oil level recommendation. The only thing that took getting use to was the stiffer clutch pull experienced on my hydraulic clutch. Adjustment is easy and I was able to get the same modulation with my clutch lever as the original clutch set up. I would definitely but placing these on all my bikes from now on the price is worth it in my opinion.

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  • Rekluse Clutch Friction Plate Set

    Rekluse Clutch Friction Plate Set

    Shawn in MI

    Rekluse Friction Plates

    I bought these in place of my stock set. Found during replacing my stock clutch with the Z-Pro Start, that my friction plates were just about shot. Seem to do very well.

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  • Rekluse Clutch Basket

    Rekluse Clutch Basket

    Mckasey in CA

    High quality part

    I needed a new basket when installing my new auto clutch and so I went with this company's basket. It is a machine piece unlike the stock cast piece. It has hard coat anodizing and fitment was perfect.

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