FMF ATV Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • FMF Power-Up Jet Kit

    FMF Power-Up Jet Kit

    Michael in CA

    Awesome upgrade!

    Something so simple as proper jetting completely changed the way response and power output of this 2005 Blaster 200 2 stroke. Highly rec. if you need multiple jets and needle options to cover a wide range of altitudes and temps

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  • FMF Power-Up Jet Kit (No CA)

    FMF Power-Up Jet Kit (No CA)

    Robert in CO

    Don't needle me

    Never know when you will need to change the carb settings.... Get it and be ready.

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    Dana in MA

    It does work

    I was skeptical when I read on some forums that the snap would work. Believe it or not it does. Would buy again.

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  • FMF Boost Bottle

    FMF Boost Bottle

    ben in OR

    save your money!

    This thing caused nothing but trouble! It sets so close to the head that it will eat a hole in no time at all! had to wire it back off the head even then it still rubs the fuel line which left me stranded in the middle of st.Antony's sand dunes! there is no power change ether save the money and get something worth the money!!

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