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  • Trail Tech Kickstand

    Brennon in CA

    Trail tech kickstand for 2021 yz450f

    Build quality is great. Easy to install. Kinda pricy but you get what you pay for. That stands true with this. Great product that looks great on the bike!

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  • Trail Tech Vapor Speedometer/Tachometer

    Brandon in IL

    Great replacement for my 05 Drz400sm

    I got this to replace my stock speedometer. It's pretty nice since it allows you to adjust the speed calculation, so you can make the speed accurate with different size wheels. It's nice to get added features like the engine temp and rpm gauge. Was definitely worth getting.

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  • Trail Tech Endurance II Speedometer/Computer

    Steven in UT

    Impressively Plug and Play Part

    Installation was fairly easy. The sensor cable that runs down the forks really wants to stay in a circle shape. Ended up cable tying the sensor line to the brake line to help it straighten out. Was able to use one of the various magnetic bolts that were provided to put a magnet in the rotor. From there I was able to use the double sided tape that comes on the sensor to adhere it to a spot on the fork that would run close to the rotor and detect the sensor. Don't really trust the adhesive so I used some more cable ties to help make sure the sensor stays in place. Take your time figuring out where you want to put the sensor. Mock it up with masking tape or cable ties, then get that front wheel spinning so you know if it's picking up your magnet or not. I took a sharpie and outlined where the sensor was going to go right on my fork once I had found a suitable spot. Truly a plug and play component. Very nice.

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  • Trail Tech Digital Radiator Fan Kit

    Doug in WA

    Very Cool Fan

    These radiator fans work really great and helps keep the bike from boiling over in the slow technical stuff. It still happens occasionally, but much less.

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  • Trail Tech Striker Speedometer/Voltmeter

    Sean in TX

    I would defiantly recommend it for a good basic unit.

    Good unit. Fairly easy to install and operate. I have been running for over two years now with no problems.

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  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS/Computer

    Anthony in CA

    Baja Proven

    I used this on a 5 day trip in Baja that totaled over 550 miles. I imported my GPX files in an SD card and it worked amazing! Zero issues with see in the bright sunlight, dusty conditions and hot temps. Zero lag or delay when displaying large files of waypoints. It literally worked flawlessly, the mount was as good as a universal mount can be, not perfect placement but it did its job. I only plug I used was the 12v supply to the battery. It did take a full day of riding to get the units internal battery fully charged. Having the ability to unplug it from the bike and bring it inside to review/change the following days trail was awesome. It has so many options thats its fully customizable. I thing I learned was that the internal battery will not charge if the bikes battery is under about 12.2v. So leaving it plugged in on the bike with the engine off didn't continue to charge the battery. Bike had to be started to make enough voltage.

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