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  • Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    CJ in UT

    Appears to be a great product

    The install was a breeze. I don't have a single ride on it yet so I will try to follow up after i get some hours on it. My other recluse clutches have been awesome i don't expect any issues

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  • Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    jess in CA

    Love this

    Great investment very weird to get use to but will be purchasing for all my bikes and recommended

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  • Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Kevin in NV

    Almost good… But not quite.

    This LHRB is actually for a bicycle. PROS: It works for holding the bike on a hill and can scrub some speed off for turns or downhills. CONS: It leaks and requires frequent bleeding. It’s very delicate and is very easily ruined. While it did scrub speed off, I was never sure at what point it would max out (or fail) and shoot me too fast into a turn. After replacing it once, at full cost, I gave up on this product.

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  • Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    David in TX

    Almost like Cheating

    After riding with the Rekluse I decided to turn it off and see if there was any difference. i have always ridden like the Rekluse wasn't on the bike. After turning it back to manual I could tell a Huge difference in tight technical trails. This is a game changer!

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  • Rekluse RadiusX Clutch

    Rekluse RadiusX Clutch

    Brandon in ID

    Easy install

    Kit went in easy and after some adjusting it works like a charm. Excited to take it to the hills.

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  • Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder

    Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder

    Jeffro67 in CA

    Must have on a Husky 501

    Replaced the stock salve cylinder on my 2017 Husky 501.It went out after less then 300 miles. Installed the Rekluse,took about 30 minutes. Very Happy with it, much better clutch feel now.

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