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  • Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    David in TX

    Almost like Cheating

    After riding with the Rekluse I decided to turn it off and see if there was any difference. i have always ridden like the Rekluse wasn't on the bike. After turning it back to manual I could tell a Huge difference in tight technical trails. This is a game changer!

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  • Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    Mark in AL

    KTM 350 XCF

    This clutch makes my bike so much more enjoyable to ride. I do quite a bit of Woods riding, Trails and the Rockies as well. This bike was a bit difficult in the really tight technical stuff, back brake = engine stall quite often. This clutch allows me to ride up on whatever obstacle, look it over and then proceed. No problem picking the front wheel up over downed logs, it just works great. For me this clutch is worth the price. If you only ride open country or dual sport it might not be beneficial to you. But if you have a new bike that stalls out at the worst possible time this clutch will fix all that.

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  • Rekluse RadiusX Clutch

    Rekluse RadiusX Clutch

    Brandon in ID

    Easy install

    Kit went in easy and after some adjusting it works like a charm. Excited to take it to the hills.

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  • Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder

    Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder

    Jeffro67 in CA

    Must have on a Husky 501

    Replaced the stock salve cylinder on my 2017 Husky 501.It went out after less then 300 miles. Installed the Rekluse,took about 30 minutes. Very Happy with it, much better clutch feel now.

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  • Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    Tony in UT

    Make single track more enjoyable

    Im a die hard clutch guy. I have always considered my clutch control to be quite good and the only way a Purist would ride. No sissy automatic clutch for me. Installed a Rekluse on my sons Beta last season and after riding the thing for just one day I was sold.

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  • Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Mike in OR

    Not just for woods riders

    I'm mostly a practice queen now, but still race Washougal and PRI a half-dozen times a year. I've had this now for 80 hours on my moto bike. I will replace steels and frictions in the next couple weeks for the first time. They are not shot, but that's enough hours for them. This clutch works great for moto. I can come in hot in 3rd gear to a corner, brake slide in, hammer the throttle at the apex, and never, ever, worry about a stall. Hooks up just fine. And when it's wet and guys are down, stalled, everywhere, I just keep going. No issues with starts either - same technique as a standard clutch. 2nd gear, rev it till it engages and starts to creep, hold front brake on, and hammer it on the gate drop. Holeshot!

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