Polisport Dirt Bike Parts: Electrical

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  • Polisport MMX Headlight

    Polisport MMX Headlight

    Sebastian in NY

    Great DOT headlight for euros

    Installed on 2006 KDX 200. High low dual filament bulb with 4w optional running light. Not the brightest light but DOT approved. Passed NY street legal inspection.

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  • Polisport Tail Light/Brake Light

    Polisport Tail Light/Brake Light

    J.D. in CO

    Why wont it fit on a polisport tail plastic

    I purchased all new plastic for my 2008 XCW. You would think the tail lite kit would connect to the rear fender without modification. You have to cut the mounting posts off the fender before you can mount the tail light. Otherwise works great and much cheaper than Enduro Engineering.

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  • Polisport HMX Headlight (LED Lights)

    Polisport HMX Headlight (LED Lights)

    Andy in WI

    Works but could be better

    The pros: very little power required, easy to mount, mounting extensions included. The cons: Not very bright, lens doesn't seal, bulbs fit loosely in the housing.

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  • Polisport Halo Headlight

    Polisport Halo Headlight

    Travis in Pennsylvania

    Great light, but looks are a little of a let down

    This is a pretty solid light. Bought it to replace the butt ugly stock light on my WR250R that Yamaha had left over from the 80s and decided to slap on. The light output is pretty good, combine it with one of the PIAA anti-vibe H4 bulbs found here, and you have a great package. Mounted up pretty easily and the two tone white/black looks good against my blue fender. I would have loved all white, but this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I'll try painting it. The light does expose the small holes where the stock light connected to the fender, but I cut the bottom of my stock headlight housing off and plugged them up, looks really good. My only real gripe with this light is I wish the actual llense was more of a home plate shape instead of small rectangle, so it filled in the little gap on the bottom, which I think looks pretty bad. Halo 2.0 with solid colors and a home plate style lense? I'd buy that from Polisport.

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  • Polisport MMX Headlight Replacement Lamp Assembly

    Polisport MMX Headlight Replacement Lamp Assembly

    jon in AZ

    works fine

    sucks paying shipping on a $4 item. id order 2-3 to avoid future issue

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