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  • SW-MOTECH Adjustable Folding Shift Lever

    SW-MOTECH Adjustable Folding Shift Lever

    skillet in GA

    Nice design, lightweight, but can bend

    Beautifully designed, as all SW Motech products are to me. Adjustable front and back to a large degree. Works as it should, but if the bike falls left and the lever doesn't fold backwards, you still have the possibility of a bent lever, of course...as I learned expensively not too long after purchasing it. Glad it didn't snap, though. I was able to bend it somewhat back to get home and ended up purchasing a second one, with which I'll be more careful. All in all pleased with this lightweight, good-looking lever.

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  • SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Evo Sidecarrier

    SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Evo Sidecarrier

    Fredrick in NV

    SW-Motech quality

    Solid construction, quality materials, easy install. You do have to relocate the rear turn signals. This requires cutting the wires and installing the provided extension. The kit came with connectors for joining the wires (I just soldered mine since I'm challenged when it comes to those crimp connectors).

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  • SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock EVO Micro Tankbag

    SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock EVO Micro Tankbag

    Dave in SC

    Highly Recommended

    I originally thought this tank bag was kind of pricey but after using it a few months think it is well worth the money. Construction quality is very high but ease of use is its real forte. I can remove/replace it for fill-ups in the blink of an eye and its totally secure. Excellent product and it looks good as well.

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