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Latest SW-MOTECH Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    Lars in NY

    Great quality, rough install

    The construction of this along with the protection it offers truly would make it a 5 star. If the install was as simple as it seemed, it would be there. With only 4 bolts I expected this to take 20 min. Several hours of work later I was able to coerce it into place. Alignment was the issue. May have been that my brackets were bent before I started.

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    Doug in NV

    Works as Advertised

    My 2005 DR650 is new to me. I'm short , so I moved the stock rear shock mount location to the " lower" spot to try it out. Mounted the center stand while the shock was in the lower spot. The SW Motech clearly stated that that may effect the ease of putting the bike on the stand. Which ,I assume it did, because it's not easy to get the bike on the stand. It's definitely doable, I have. It's just not very easy. Just be a technique issue. I want the center stand on the bike and it works very well. I need to developed my technique. The stand seem well made and what I wanted. It's all good.

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  • SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    Jordan in OH

    Buyer Beware

    I bought this set of crash bars for my Kl650 2005. I have ricochet skid plate. the listing says these bars are compatible with the ricochet skid plate. However, as seen in my picture, I had to modify it to fit. the bolt holes lined up and the fit and finish is good. but the spacing for the skid plate didn't exist. its touching the opposite side shown and i had to my skid plate to make room. also, my fuel shutoff barely has enough space to move. plus, the access to the doohickey is almost blocked. In conclusion, make SURE you check the fit before trying to mount it.

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  • SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard

    Richard in OK

    Armor up

    This was very easy to install and provides excellent protection for the brake master cylinder

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand Lifting Handle

    Glenn in OH

    It’s a real hand up.

    I thought it would be to low for it to be much help, but it does help to get it up on the center stand. It is very well built, feels like the same material that is used to for the crash bars.

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  • SW-MOTECH Sub-Frame Support Arms for Quick-Lock Evo Sidecarrier

    PAPA in CA

    Great product

    Glad I bought them I carry a loaf on my Honda Xr650l

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