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From the beginning, Alpinestars has had a reputation for quality, durability, and dependability. Founded by a leather craftsman with a perfectionist mindset, the brand has been outfitting and protecting top motorcycle racers for over half a century with unmatched precision.

That attention to detail and high standard of performance that made Alpinestars so revolutionary back then is still evident today. Fabrics, plastics, and finished products are still rigorously tested before being mass-produced. Race suits are still hand-cut. Quality inspections are completed on varying products before they leave the warehouse.

Continued tradition doesn’t come at the cost of innovation, though. Alpinestars is an industry leader in safety, constantly refining products and viewing protection as an ever-evolving state of development. This mindset is how they’ve developed progressive products like the Tech-Air Airbag Vest, and is how they’ll continue to redefine rider safety for years to come.

With gear available for every riding discipline, Alpinestars provides the versatility that modern riders need. Their ever-expanding collection includes pieces like the Supertech M10 Helmet, Tech 10 Boots, Bionic Neck Support, GP Leather Jacket, Andes Drystar Pants, and more, all with the same standard of protection, quality, and durability. Whatever you ride, wherever you ride, Alpinestars has something for you.

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  • Alpinestars Youth Tech 7S Boots

    Alpinestars Youth Tech 7S Boots

    Johnny in OR

    Very Good Boots for any Age

    My 8yrs old boy is average height but a tiny albeit athletic, peanut. He's a skinny kid but leggy with long arms and wide shoulders. He has a narrow heel and wide forefoot. These boots fit him great, even at a half size up. We bought Size 3. He lives them and is able to find the rear brake on his 50 SX no problem. He has never complained abiut walking in them and we ride trail and track. We bought the red,white,blue and yellow and he loves them. Is able to put them on by himself and needs no help and even after riding and being soaked in sweat he manages the buckles no problem. He is not a big kid. These boots are of the HIGHEST quality.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots 2018

    Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots 2018

    justin in WA

    great boots

    The boots fit great and felt great right out of the box. The are leaps and bounds better than my old 100.00 boots i've bought for years.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Roost Deflector

    Alpinestars Bionic Roost Deflector

    jonathan in TN

    Chest protector

    This is a great chest protector fits good and really like how well it covers your chest and back without being uncomfortable. Plus it's vented good helps in this summer heat

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  • Alpinestars A-10 Full Roost Deflector

    Alpinestars A-10 Full Roost Deflector

    Christian in CO

    Nice piece but not as comfortable and robust as

    the Leatt. I wanted to like this (and keep it) as it looks great, is light weight, feel like it could breathe well. But when comparing it to the Leatt, the 5.5 HD felt like it would protect better, with better coverage along the ribs, shoulders, back (everywhere) and thicker armor. The Leatt kind of envelopes you and the A10 kind on sits on top of you. Some of the edges and one rivet point were digging in uncomfortably on the A10. The A10 back coverage does not go down as far either. The A10 does not accommodate my braces (Leatt and Atlas), except for wearing they on top of the armor, which is uncomfortable. The Leatt holds the 5.5 brace perfectly. The A10 shoulder pads seem durable and mounted securely, whereas those from Leatt not connected as well. An extra $20 and trip to seamstress should fix this. Now the Leatt will likely be hotter, but I wanted extra protection as I'm sitting here recovering from shoulder slamming into road base from a low side. The Leatt shoulder cups are definitely better coverage. Didn't mean this to be a comparison between the two but hopefully this will help someone. All that being said I think the A10 will be just fine for those looking for more minimal, lightweight coverage. It is constructed well, breathes, and is light.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

    Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

    George in MA

    Alpinestars really put a lot of thought into the ne...

    I've had the 1st generation tech 10 and it lasted 7 years went to SG 12 after that. Was going to get the 2018 tech 10, but decided on the new tech 10. Glade I did. The front flexion really works. It's like compression damping to slow the flexion down nicely without sudden stop. Helps to keep you from going over there bars. This is definitely a lot slimmer and lighter boot compared to the SG 12's and better feel on the pegs, especially on the balls of your feet. And when in the arch the steel plate let's you push hard on the pegs with authority. Really happy with these boots they flex better than the old tech 10's an fixed all the old issues.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

    Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

    Austin in GA


    Would be 5 stars but the fit was a little odd. Roomy. Like super roomy. Bought my shoes size and had to close the ankle and foot straps way down. Fit my shoe size, just lots of room. Maybe go a half size down, to avoid weird bends in the plastic in the ankle and foot enclosures next time. But I have beat the heck out of these boots, and they barely show wear. Worth the money.

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