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Alpinestars Riding Gear

From the beginning, Alpinestars has had a reputation for quality, durability, and dependability. Founded by a leather craftsman with a perfectionist mindset, the brand has been outfitting and protecting top motorcycle racers for over half a century with unmatched precision.

That attention to detail and high standard of performance that made Alpinestars so revolutionary back then is still evident today. Fabrics, plastics, and finished products are still rigorously tested before being mass-produced. Race suits are still hand-cut. Quality inspections are completed on varying products before they leave the warehouse.

Continued tradition doesn’t come at the cost of innovation, though. Alpinestars is an industry leader in safety, constantly refining products and viewing protection as an ever-evolving state of development. This mindset is how they’ve developed progressive products like the Tech-Air Airbag Vest, and is how they’ll continue to redefine rider safety for years to come.

With gear available for every riding discipline, Alpinestars provides the versatility that modern riders need. Their ever-expanding collection includes pieces like the Supertech M10 Helmet, Tech 10 Boots, Bionic Neck Support, GP Leather Jacket, Andes Drystar Pants, and more, all with the same standard of protection, quality, and durability. Whatever you ride, wherever you ride, Alpinestars has something for you.

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Latest Riding Gear Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Alpinestars Vence Drystar Jacket

    Stephen in ID

    Alpinestars Vence Drystar jacket

    Love the fit and design. It has lots of pockets and the lining is easy to remove.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

    Kirtus in NV

    comfortable and sturdy

    most comfortable boots I've ever put on my feet. they hold up well and are a good value.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots 2019

    Chris in WA

    these boots are made for walkin, and relaxing!

    I liked these boots except for one thing. They are very comfortable and i like the peg fee, buckles work well, did i mention comfy? However, they are the leakiest things i've ever put on my feet. I stay dryer in flip flops. I ran em for a year but couldn't do another PNW winter in them and ride around all day with soggy feet. (I just got the crossfire2TAs and they are very water resistant, almost as comfy). I actually miss my tech 7s though for comfort and brake/shifter feel. This might just be cause i'm not used to the new boots yet though. The moldy soul is a little harder to walk around in on trail but not bad. Overall, Id defiantly still consider them again with more shoe goo under the toe flap!

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  • Alpinestars Supertech M8 Contact MIPS Helmet

    Ryan in KY

    Great helmet. Runs a little on the small side.

    Very nice Helmet. It runs a little smaller than most helmets, but not too small.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

    RON in NV

    Decent boot

    Decent boot for the money. Not a long lasting boot

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  • Alpinestars MX Plus-2 Socks

    Matt in TX

    Pretty tight

    These socks are ok, after I'm done riding I'll have red marks and indentations all over my feet and lower calves because of how tight they are, and I have chicken legs. They're pretty thick too, I'm going back to Klim.

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