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Alpinestars Riding Gear

From the beginning, Alpinestars has had a reputation for quality, durability, and dependability. Founded by a leather craftsman with a perfectionist mindset, the brand has been outfitting and protecting top motorcycle racers for over half a century with unmatched precision.

That attention to detail and high standard of performance that made Alpinestars so revolutionary back then is still evident today. Fabrics, plastics, and finished products are still rigorously tested before being mass-produced. Race suits are still hand-cut. Quality inspections are completed on varying products before they leave the warehouse.

Continued tradition doesn’t come at the cost of innovation, though. Alpinestars is an industry leader in safety, constantly refining products and viewing protection as an ever-evolving state of development. This mindset is how they’ve developed progressive products like the Tech-Air Airbag Vest, and is how they’ll continue to redefine rider safety for years to come.

With gear available for every riding discipline, Alpinestars provides the versatility that modern riders need. Their ever-expanding collection includes pieces like the Supertech M10 Helmet, Tech 10 Boots, Bionic Neck Support, GP Leather Jacket, Andes Drystar Pants, and more, all with the same standard of protection, quality, and durability. Whatever you ride, wherever you ride, Alpinestars has something for you.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

    Jared in PA

    Sole durability issues

    Great boots over all. The only problem I have with them is after having these boots for a year a small chunk was takeout at the arch and the front of the toe section is already starting to delaminate. I still wear the boots but I might try a different set next time. Great boots just something to think about if you ride hard.

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  • Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar® Oiled Leather Boots

    Scott in TX

    Used on 4 continents

    When I was thirteen racing motocross and enduros, I bought a pair of Alpinestar Tech8 boots. Eighteen years and nearly 100 thousand miles of adventure riding later, I retired those boots from service. Needing new boots, it was obvious I should replace them with Alpinestars. I chose the Corozal Oiled Leather boot as it provided the weather resistance, protection, and comfort needed on my global adventures- both on the bike and off. So far after two years, 4 continents, and many hours hiking, I give them two big thumbs up.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support Tech 2

    C David in WV

    I never thought it could be some comfortable!!!

    Easy on and off with quick release closing system. Lots of protection by limiting neck range of movement. Honestly 5 minutes after I put it on I forgot I was wearing it lol. Very comfortable with loads of adjustment. Best money spent.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

    David in MI

    Sweet enduro boots.

    My first pair of high end boots. I went from riding to 1999 TTR250R at a crappy RV park and O'neil boots to A-Star Tech 7 and racing a Beta 250RR RE. Kinda like jumping into hyperspace from driving a Yugo, but these boots never let me down riding and racing stuff I have no business riding. Seems like all my riding buddies favor on brand over the other, so I think its a matter of finding the brand that fits your foot. I have a narrow, flat foot.

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  • Alpinestars A-10 Full Roost Deflector

    Michael in NY

    Provides great protection and creates confidence

    Well made, very adjustable, full coverage, and flows air surprisingly well. Provides great protection and creates confidence. I wear it on top of jersey (I think it might look/feel weird underneath). Also, by removing the front collar piece, I can easily combine it with the Atlas neck brace. The key there is to make sure the Atlas pads are resting upon the chest and back (nestled under the A10) and not upon the A10 itself.

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  • Alpinestars Oscar Firm Drystar Boots

    Jonathan in KY

    Poor Quality for a Premium Price

    I bought these boots about a year ago. They were used occasionally, never in adverse conditions and were maintained and oiled regularly. Almost immediately, the stitching in all areas began to fray, which was disappointing. The zippers began to hang within a month or two, and recently one of the zippers completely came apart. I took the boots to a local shoe repair shop who told me that the zipper was defective from the factory. For $300, I expected way, way more. A sturdy pair of work boots would have been way less expensive, much more durable, and would offer nearly the same level of protection as these. I contacted Alpinestars, and was told they would not repair or replace without significant additional cost. Lesson Learned. This will be the last piece of Alpinestars gear I purchase, especially when companies like Sidi and Klim offer far superior gear in the same price range.

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