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  • Leatt GPX 5.5 AirFlex Impact Shorts

    Leatt GPX 5.5 AirFlex Impact Shorts

    Eric in NV

    Buy a size or two up

    Awesome shorts that are super comfortable to wear, price is a bit high for undies but they do offer nice protection and are very thin, in fact I wear these on my way to go riding under my normal shorts and you can't tell I'm wearing them. I wont ride without these anymore. I'm a 36 waist in everything, I purchased an XXL thanks to other reviewers and they fit perfect, maybe a tad loose but i rather it be a little loose over too tight...when it comes to that area...

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  • Leatt 2.0 GPX Race Hydration System

    Leatt 2.0 GPX Race Hydration System

    shane in CA

    The drink tube is long enough!

    I decided to take a gamble on this despite the previous reviews because I have been very happy with all of my Leatt products (helmet, gloves, chest protector). I was happy when it arrived because the drink tube is in fact long enough to work with the hands free system. It also comes with the hands free system, I was not aware that it was included as my previous USWE pack did not come with it. Just wearing it in the house I find it to be more comfortable than my USWE one as well but when riding it will be over a chest protector so it wont make much difference. I cant speak to the durability because I havent used it on the trail but it seems like good quality to me.

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  • Leatt 3.0 GPX Off-Road Cargo Hydration System

    Leatt 3.0 GPX Off-Road Cargo Hydration System

    Javier in TX

    Very functional

    Wasnt sure about size and confort. It met my expectations and highly recommend it.

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  • Leatt Handsfree Kit

    Leatt Handsfree Kit


    east to use . cross country and group riding keep hands on the bars

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  • Leatt DPX 5.0 Impact Shorts

    Leatt DPX 5.0 Impact Shorts

    matthew in BC

    no more monkey but

    first pair of underwear ive rode with and I will never go back. I go home after riding all day and it doesn't feel like I have hemeroids, money well spent

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  • Leatt Ultra 750 HF Hydration System

    Leatt Ultra 750 HF Hydration System

    Christa in TX

    Could use some small improvements

    The hydration system itself is good. The hose they send with it is too short it kept hanging up on my helmet, the bite valve is way to bulky and you can barely get any water to come out of it and the bladder system could use a better keeper on top. After I made some modifications it was a neat race pack.

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