Leatt Dual Sport Rider Accessories

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  • Leatt H-3 Hydration System

    Leatt H-3 Hydration System

    Rich in Virginia


    Zero Complaints! Good quality and good design. I used this in 2 hour hare scramble races with their hands free hose, couldn't live without it! Great for trail rides, has cell phone pouch and little detachable pouch for gels/snacks or tools.

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  • Leatt H-1 Hands Free Hydration System

    Leatt H-1 Hands Free Hydration System

    erick in CA

    waste of money

    this is a dont buy for real i make a wrong decision in buying this

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  • Leatt Coolit Vest

    Leatt Coolit Vest

    PAUL in CA

    Definitely works!

    I live in SoCal and use this vest for all my Desert riding and hot days at the track. It really does help you push harder, longer. It can be quite a shock to the bod when you first put it on but it's well worth it. I wear it under all my gear (chest protector and jersey). Air movement really helps some; if you're going slow it's not as effective and high humidity has the same effect.

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  • Leatt Hydration System Replacement Quick Coupling Set

    Leatt Hydration System Replacement Quick Coupling Set

    Joseph in NV

    Pricey... But worth it.

    This helps me stay hydrated. The water is right there in front of you. No more fussing with trying to get your camelback hose under the chin bar of your helmet.

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  • Leatt Coolit Tee

    Leatt Coolit Tee

    Rick in CA

    It Works

    Was out at Ocotillo for a quick ride and it was supposed to be in the mid 90's by the evening. Got out there a little early, and it was still registering 100. During that time my son came down with a fever above 100. I soaked the shirt in cold water, and put it on him until we could get everything packed up and ready to go. his temp had dropped to 99 while just wearing the shirt. He also didn't want to get in the car, being that he is a young kid who thinks he is fine no matter what. It definitely cooled his core down a bit.

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