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  • Leatt 4.5 Roost Deflector

    Leatt 4.5 Roost Deflector

    Anthony in TN

    Chest Protector.

    Purchased for my 17 year old son. He loves it! Very comfortable. It does not restrict motion during riding. Offers great rib protection.

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  • Leatt 5.5 Body Protector

    Leatt 5.5 Body Protector

    Ian in CO

    Comfy and safe, but not super durable.

    I was skeptical of riding with so much protective gear on, but it's really not that bad. It can certainly get hot, but I ride around Colorado so it's not usually too bad -- somebody in humid heat may feel differently. After being off the bike for 9 of 12 months from back-to-back injuries though, I figured I could use some extra protection. This suit offers a ton of protection and is surprisingly comfortable given the amount of protection. However, while the protective parts of the suit seem really durable, the fabric/zipper parts of it are pretty bad. There are a number of velco straps on this thing, and the mesh fabric that holds it all together sticks to the velcro, but not only that when it sticks to the velco and you pull it apart it tends to damage the fabric. Similarly, the zipper is quite small and it has popped open on me a few times. You really, really need to make sure to store this thing properly -- if you just throw it in your bad with the velcro undone, the straps will end up sticking to the fabric and you'll nearly destroy it when you pull it apart. In the end I love the fit and protection of this, but find it ironic that a little bit of velcro and a cheap zipper is going to eventually be its demise.

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  • Leatt 3DF 3.5 Kidney Belt

    Leatt 3DF 3.5 Kidney Belt

    Laszlo in LA

    Overpriced and not fitting worth anything

    Buy anything but this overpriced junk. It came in and looked like the best made kidney belt ever. If you want to look at it it's superb. On the other hand if you'd like to wear it ain't that fancy no more. Felt like a 2x4 and would not hug my back rather just sit behind it like a wooden seat in a tractor. Thanks for the great design leatt but functionality is my preference. Expensive Eye Candy = Junk

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Randy in CA

    wanted shoulder protection

    These are really good for doing hare scramble stuff where we do down a fair amount. On the warm days your going to sweat a ton, but you get use to it and the protection is far better then the ones with just front and back panels, no sides or shoulders.

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  • Leatt GPX 5.5 Enduro Pants 2018

    Leatt GPX 5.5 Enduro Pants 2018

    Matt in GA

    Very nice pants

    These pants are great. Much heavier and nicer than the cheap mx pants. I wear them over the boot, but you can tuck them in. Nice to have a pocket. The rough seat on my husky had been bothering me, but not with these pants.

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Leatt 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Ivan in ID

    Shoulder pads fall off

    This is my second chest and shoulder protector.My first was a 1990's Thor motocross model. I had decided that it has kept me from snapping a collar bone several times. I convinced my wife that I probably should upgrade. I purchased the Leatt thinking that it was top quality and would give me great protection. However on my first ride the shoulder protectors came un clipped 3 times and slipped down my arm and has continued to have the same failure on every ride. I then attended a cross country race and noticed a fella wearing the same protector but both shoulder guards were removed. The first corner he got bumped and flipped off his bike. I rode his bike out for him because his collar bone had gotten broken. Note: I have not contacted Leatt about this problem yet. Any suggestions?

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