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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro Lite Roost Deflector

    Leatt 5.5 Pro Lite Roost Deflector

    Melissa in TN


    Once its on you forget it is there. excellent protection and it does not impede any movement. Extremely comfortable, from day one.

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  • Leatt 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Leatt 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    seth in CA

    marginal at best

    I had high hopes for this product. I really got it for the shoulder protection, the rest was pretty standard for a chest protector. First off, it's heavy and combined with a hydration pack over the rig and you'll feel it pull hard on your neck. Shoulder protection is good until you hit something. It protects, but breaks aways. The problem is the receptacle for the buckle is forever compromised and weakened and it then starts to simply fall out at the slightest breeze. After trying to bring it back to acceptable functionality, I hung it up to think on it and haven't used it since. For the price, I remain sincerely disappointed in design and performance.

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  • Leatt Fusion 3.0 Vest with Neck Brace

    Leatt Fusion 3.0 Vest with Neck Brace

    Robert in CO

    Love it

    Not sure what everyone is complaining about with the shoulder connection point Been using it for two years with not one single problem Fits well and i like it better then separate units

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  • Leatt Adventure Roost Deflector Lite Tech

    Leatt Adventure Roost Deflector Lite Tech

    Bill in MI

    Great product.

    Looks good, comfortable, and exactly what you want if you have a Leatt neck brace as they mesh together perfectly. I've used a Leatt brace with other deflectors and gotten used to them but never again now that I've tried a matched set.

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  • Leatt 4.5 Roost Deflector

    Leatt 4.5 Roost Deflector

    Atiim in AZ

    Perfect for the track or trail.

    I picked up one of these because i got tired of over-heating in the 5.5 Pro HD version i had prior. Way lighter and much much cooler in comparison. Being one of the few CPs with rib protection, it doesn't hinder movement or make you feel like your in a dummy suite. I ride 80%/20% MX-Tracks/Trails and it works flawlessly by itself or with a camelbak strapped on over it. for a CE certified CP, this one is by far the coolest and easiest to use regardless of where I ride.

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

    Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

    Peter in MT

    Very sweaty

    Very good protection, I've flown off my bike and landed hard with this on and get right back up... leave your buddies wondering how your not dead. In hot weather prepare to sweat.... alot. Overall, I still wear on colder days but it's too hot to wear in summer. Also difficult to remove pads for washing.

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