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Top 5 Tools For Adventure Motorcycle Riding

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  • Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Ben in ID

    Great product!

    The fork seal driver works great. I highly recommend it.

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  • K & L Tire Tamer

    K & L Tire Tamer

    Eric in TX

    A must have tool

    I have borrowed this tool from a co worker a couple of times and if your a mechanic you know the rule. If you borrow it more than twice you need to buy it!

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  • Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Holly in AZ

    Piece of Mind

    Fortunately we haven't needed it yet. But this is our 2nd repair kit by Tusk and the first was outstanding. It's go everything you could need to fix a small challenge on the trail.

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  • Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Ben in ID

    Great fork bleeders

    So far they've been great. It's nice not to need to fit a screwdriver in between the handlebars and then if the screw falls out trying to get it started again.

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  • Enduro Engineering Trail Side Multi Tool

    Enduro Engineering Trail Side Multi Tool

    Michael in WI

    Finally! A 22mm trail side tool that fits my WR450 ...

    I wanted a tool for trail side repair to allow front axle removal on my 2005 WR450. Before finding the EE multi-tool, I had to return two different sets of wrenches because the 22mm ends would not fit on the front axle nut. The bottom fork casting/bracket caused wrenches to not sit flush on the nut. The 22mm adapter with the EE multi-tool fit perfectly, and allowed a bit of a stand-off, so the wrench had no problem clearing the fork casting. As an added bonus, I now have the 30mm wrench for any steer head adjustments needed on the trail. I wish I had tried this wrench first before wasting my time and energy on the other cheap options out there.

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  • K & L Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    K & L Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    JOHN in AL

    Does what it is supposed to.

    Its a magnet. It does what it belongs to do. It won't pick up a semi truck rim, but itll get that screw out of that dark corner.

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Dual Sport Motorcycle Tools

We carry all the dual sport tools you need to help minimize your downtime and get you back on the road, track or the trail. Find hundreds of specialty dual sport bike tools and shop tools like metric wrench sets, fork seal drivers and tools, flywheel puller and many more. Fasteners like std or metric bolt kit and dirt bike sprocket bolts. Shop equipment like mechanics gloves and roll carts, portable chargers, compressors and powers washer/cleaners. We also carry a full line of fanny pack tool kits that offer full portability for "on-the-trail" repairs of your dual sport bike.

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