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Top 5 Motorcycle Shop Tools Under $20

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  • Motion Pro Chain Breaker

    Motion Pro Chain Breaker

    Ludwig in UT

    They should call it Daenery Targaryan

    "Mother of dragons", "breaker of chains". I like this thing.

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  • WPS Rim Strip

    WPS Rim Strip

    Roger in TN

    Rim strip that don't break

    Heavy rubber strips always work great for me no issues with spokes causing flats

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  • Motion Pro T-Handle Rack

    Motion Pro T-Handle Rack

    Ludwig in UT

    luxury item

    Nice to have, but next time I'll just fab my own. The cradles don't properly fit my t-handles which sometimes stick; and the mounting slot is a little wide for most toolbox lips. Also, way too expensive for what you get. I'm ashamed that I have two of these.

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  • Motion Pro Deluxe Piston Pin Tool

    Motion Pro Deluxe Piston Pin Tool

    Ludwig in UT


    If you're like me and just enjoy tools as much as you do Moto, then sure, go ahead and pick this up.

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  • Risk Racing Mud Axe

    Risk Racing Mud Axe

    Ludwig in UT

    Good axe, but somewhat lazy

    It's a mud axe. Does a great job. I'm a little disappointed it doesn't have an automatic setting. It'd be nice to take a nap while it scraps the mud off my bike before the next race.

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  • Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    Ludwig in UT

    a worthy luxury

    Obviously a luxury, but I really enjoy being able to bleed my tires down to exactly the pressure I want. This gauge is robust, comfortable, flexible, and reliable.

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Dual Sport Motorcycle Tools

We carry all the dual sport tools you need to help minimize your downtime and get you back on the road, track or the trail. Find hundreds of specialty dual sport bike tools and shop tools like metric wrench sets, fork seal drivers and tools, flywheel puller and many more. Fasteners like std or metric bolt kit and dirt bike sprocket bolts. Shop equipment like mechanics gloves and roll carts, portable chargers, compressors and powers washer/cleaners. We also carry a full line of fanny pack tool kits that offer full portability for "on-the-trail" repairs of your dual sport bike.

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