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Top 5 Tools For Adventure Motorcycle Riding

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  • Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    Chris in CO

    Good tool

    Makes easy work of duplicating oil levels in fork rebuilds. The marks(graduations) on the solid tubing are to light to see, so I just use a measuring caliper to set the collar height.

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  • Tusk Compact T-Handle Wrench Set

    Tusk Compact T-Handle Wrench Set

    Chris in CO

    These are great!

    I use them everyday. I could use to sets for different work ares. For now I just walk a lot

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  • Tusk Valve Spring Compressor

    Tusk Valve Spring Compressor

    Robert in FL

    Tusk Valve Spring Compressor

    The last time I used a valve spring compressor was in auto mechanics in highschool. That was the old lever style which was all on or all off. With the Tusk compressor you control how much you compress or release it and this was a joy. Made my first attempt at installing new valves/springs, etc, a breeze. I cannot recommend this product enough! Robert

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  • Tusk Crank Puller/Installer Tool

    Tusk Crank Puller/Installer Tool

    black rabbit in OK

    Excellent crank puller tool

    Used this to pull and install the crank on my trx250r engine. Worked like a charm

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  • Tusk Crankcase Splitter

    Tusk Crankcase Splitter

    black rabbit in OK

    Excellent puller

    Bought this to rebuild the motor on my trx250R. Worked like a charm. Puts less stress on the cases when splitting them.

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  • Tusk Bearing Remover

    Tusk Bearing Remover

    black rabbit in OK

    Great Slide Hammer

    This little gem worked flawlessly on removing blind bearings on my 250r when I rebuilt the motor. High quality tool.

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Dual Sport Motorcycle Tools

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