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Top 5 Tools For Adventure Motorcycle Riding

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  • Tusk Chain Press Tool

    Tusk Chain Press Tool


    Great lil tool

    Once I figured it out it worked perfect

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  • Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

    Dennis in NC

    No ugly weights

    I have used dyna beads on my last three tire changes. A little hard to put them in through the valve stem, just don’t rush it. I used 2 ounces front and 2 in rear. Took it to 100MPH and perfect!

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  • Motorsport Products MX Engine Stand

    Motorsport Products MX Engine Stand

    Shawn in FPO/AP

    As advertised engine stand

    The engine stand is as advertised, overall happy with it. My only negative comments would be the bolt shaft that goes through the swing arm shaft hole to mount the engine to the stand needs improvement. The threads are extremely deep and cover the entire bolt shaft. This makes the shaft very weak and easy to bend. As you are sliding the engine on to the mount, that shaft bends extremely easy - also the threads because they are so deep, roll over very easily. I am going to try and find a replacement or make a replacement shaft that is partially threaded -- on each ends (in case you want to bolt it on to the stand), and smooth down the middle where the motor rides on it so it doesnt just roll the threads. Overall, happy with the stand -- took me about 3 minutes to put together and about 1 minute to get it all lined up and an engine slid onto it.

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  • Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Peter in Western Australia

    Works well

    The seal driver made it easy to drive in the fork seals, minimizing damage potential.

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  • Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Tim in MO

    Gets the job done.

    Definitely not the best fork cap wrench available, but it sure is the cheapest.

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  • Tusk Snap Ring/Circlip Pliers

    Tusk Snap Ring/Circlip Pliers

    Tim in MO

    Spend money on something better.

    I usually love Tusk tool and parts, but this one in particular is just unusable. They are too flimsy to do even one job.

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Dual Sport Motorcycle Tools

We carry all the dual sport tools you need to help minimize your downtime and get you back on the road, track or the trail. Find hundreds of specialty dual sport bike tools and shop tools like metric wrench sets, fork seal drivers and tools, flywheel puller and many more. Fasteners like std or metric bolt kit and dirt bike sprocket bolts. Shop equipment like mechanics gloves and roll carts, portable chargers, compressors and powers washer/cleaners. We also carry a full line of fanny pack tool kits that offer full portability for "on-the-trail" repairs of your dual sport bike.

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