Stubby ATV Tires and Wheels: ATV Tires

Stubby ATV Tires and Wheels: ATV Tires

Stubby ATV Tires and Wheels: Tire Tools & Accessories

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  • Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Jedediah in WV

    I wouldn't buy them again

    These aren't revolutionary, by any means. They're OK. Too big or bulky to take on the trail, even if you get the version without the grips. The tips are fragile. I haven't broken mine yet, but I can see how it would be easy to do. These are probably better if you sharpened them to a point and used them to stab wild animals that attack you while you try to spoon your tire back on with a dull rock.

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  • Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Timothy in WA

    Used them on a Tubliss install......

    These are SO easy to mount tires with. I'm not crazy about removing stubborn tires as they are plastic and will break under to much force. I mounted a Tubliss (first time install), using a Tusk tire changing stand. Everything worked easily. Mounting tires with tubes is a little harder, but still pretty easy. I'd pick this set over the 3 tire spoons method any day.

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  • Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Richard in NV

    No mar on rims

    great for final seating of tire. Must take small bites of tire bead as it is plastic, but it does not mark rims. I use it in conjunction with a steel tire iron.

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