Stubby UTV Tires and Wheels: UTV Tire Tools and Accessories

Stubby UTV Tires and Wheels: UTV Tire Tools and Accessories

Stubby UTV Tires and Wheels: Tire Tools & Accessories

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  • Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Jason in Utah

    Not the greatest product. Thumbs down

    This product makes changing tires more difficult. My hope was that they would be stronger and allow more force for leverage. However, with dirt bike tires on machines ranging from 50cc up to 450cc, they are just too thick. It is incredibly difficult to get into the broken bead because of their burley size. I believe these would likely work very well on ATV tires, or other wide tires. For narrow dirt bike tires, they were a waste of my money. I went back to regular tire spoons which proved to be much effective for my needs.

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  • Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Timothy in WA

    Used them on a Tubliss install......

    These are SO easy to mount tires with. I'm not crazy about removing stubborn tires as they are plastic and will break under to much force. I mounted a Tubliss (first time install), using a Tusk tire changing stand. Everything worked easily. Mounting tires with tubes is a little harder, but still pretty easy. I'd pick this set over the 3 tire spoons method any day.

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  • Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Richard in NV

    No mar on rims

    great for final seating of tire. Must take small bites of tire bead as it is plastic, but it does not mark rims. I use it in conjunction with a steel tire iron.

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