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  • Tusk High Fender Kit

    Tusk High Fender Kit

    Thomas in NY

    Ehh sub par hardware and poor fit and finish

    As per usual the product was sub par for fit and finish. The bolts were too long and spacers too short. The plastic was cheap and not well finished. With the upper crash bar in place the fender DOES NOT FIT. Tho there is no mention of this in the description. I spent another $30.00 on spacers and long M6 bolts to make the fender work which is fine as it’s a cheap kit but it would be nice to know this or have R.M. To have this as an option.

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  • Tusk Scissor Lift Stand

    Tusk Scissor Lift Stand

    Stephen in CO

    Eh, Get what you pay for

    This thing came and ill be honest, was not impressed. Does it work overall? Yes. But its not very stable, has no instructions just a part list, annnd a little flimsy. If it would cost an arm and a leg to ship back I would have returned it. oh well.

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Shawn in BC

    Well built tight tolerances once the fitment modifi...

    Ordered this for my son's DRZ125L, and although the leaver looks well made it wouldn't kine up with the perch bolt. It was out by 1/16". The fix was to relieve the the top of the leaver at the step down where the perch and leaver meet. I was hoping for a direct replacement but for the price a little feddling is to be expected.

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  • Tusk Complete Gasket Kit

    Tusk Complete Gasket Kit

    Ryan in AZ

    Paper Garbage

    I bought these and decided not to use them because they are paper. The oem are coated metal and seal much better and are more durable. I'll keep these for emergency one time use.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Engine Plug Kit

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Engine Plug Kit

    Tristan in PA


    Looks amazing and fit perfect , not a problem and held up great

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  • Tusk UTV Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Tusk UTV Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Jason in UT

    Fire extinguisher mounts a little loose. It vibrates around and is very loud. I had to squeeze the clamp together to prevent the extinguisher from vibrating which now makes it a bit more difficult to remove. I wouldn’t recommend.

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